Things You Need To Keep In Mind Before Choosing The Right Surface Protection Film

April 1, 2021

What is Surface protection film?

The surface protection film is a unique film that protects sensitive surfaces from dust, fingerprints, scratching, contamination and abrasion during the production, storing & shipping stage of any product. The products it can protect the range from aerospace and construction to automotive and electronics. The surface protection films are durable, easy to use, you can even use them manually & remove them, but they will not leave any residue or haze.

SPF is made using specially formulated PE films that are coated with water-based & transparent adhesive. Though the transparent ones are the most popular, it is available in black & white color as well. It is designed in such a way that it leaves no residue upon removal. These films can be applied to various surfaces that include glass, plywood, metal, etc. It protects the surfaces from any scratch & damages. The films are available in various ranges from stock roll to sheet. And you can cut them, slit them or roll them according to your needs. SPF or surface protection film is also known as a carpet protection film, dust protection film, protection masking film, etc.

Features of a Surface protection film

Surface protection film has various features. Below are a few-

  • Protects the surface: surface protection tapes protect the surface area from moisture, dust & other external factors. It also helps to protect the surface from any scratch & damages. Thus, it is an excellent option to choose for any sensitive surface.
  • Resistant to external factors: The quality surface protection film is heat-resistant, and a few of them are UV resistant as well. The SPF is also moisture & waterproof which makes an ideal choice for protecting any surface.
  • Easy to use: the self-adhering feature makes the film user-friendly & can be applied easily to multiple flat surfaces. It doesn’t leave any glue marking after application that makes them even more desirable for personal use & professional use.
  • Customizable: You can make custom surface protection tapes as per your choice & preference. As these films are printable, they can be used as excellent brand awareness tags. Also, they are available in colors, i.e., black, white & transparent.

Application of Surface Protection film

SPF is widely used in various industries that include metal manufacturing industries, aluminum & composite panel industries, sun mica & plywood industry, as a color coated roofing sheets, tiles, granite & artificial marble industries, etc. Surface protection films are used to give temporary assurance for the hardest surface. It is widely used in the cover manufacturing industry to give protection to the actual product from any color spillage, dust, etc. The surface protection film is also used to give protection to rugs & floors while applying any color from spillage. During the pandemic, surface protection films are widely used to give a defensive surface to control pollution in an extreme medical care situation.

Tips To Choose Right Surface Protection Film

You need to keep in mind several factors while choosing the right surface protection film. Below are a few conditions you shall consider while choosing the right protection film.

  • Surface identification: you can apply protective films in many surfaces that include plastic, glass, metal, wood, granite, stone, etc. But the product can have various surfaces which can be smooth, coated & embossed. it is very important to choose the right kind of protection film according to the surfaces. Because some protection films are better suited to specific surfaces over others. If you do not follow this, bond failure can occur.
  • Understanding the application nature: it is equally important to understand the nature of the application before choosing the right protection film for your surface. It may be exposed to a higher temperature; it also may require protecting the surface for a longer period than usual. Plus, the protection film may have to go through various types of application, such as bending & stretching. So, you may need to choose the right kind of protection film accordingly so that it can serve the purpose efficiently.
  • Knowing the properties: While choosing the right protection film, it is necessary to know the properties it is built on. All protective films are made to serve the same purpose but they sometimes offer distinct properties. Such as optical grade quality, color tints, having the ability to protect the surface against electrostatic discharge. Selecting the right protection film will ensure that the material gives the desired end-use results.

The surface protection film is used in various sectors & industries these days. It is even used for personal purposes. In this article, I have shed light on the facts of how one can choose the right protection film to get the best result out of it.

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