RTA Kitchen Cabinets – The Future of Budget-Friendly Kitchen Renovation

January 19, 2021

You can order ready-to-assemble (RTA) cabinets for your kitchen. They are a cost-effective and superior-quality alternative to custom cabinets. Every part needed to be put together to build the cabinets. Such parts may include screws, hinges, wood, and so on. If you’re planning to renovate or remodel the kitchen, RTA cabinets would be more perfect than custom units. Remodeling is a costly proposition considering the present economic scenario. Homeowners with a basic sense of engineering prefer to try a DIY approach to make the entire thing on a low budget. Cabinet installation is a difficult job. Unless you hire an experienced mechanic, the job of installation might not be done satisfactorily. This is one of the key reasons that RTA furniture is getting popular, day by day. The units are created for easy and quick assembly and installation. Even if you have to hire a professional, it would take less time to install an RTA unit. The labor cost will be less as well.

Key benefits of installing RTA cabinets

There are many benefits, as already mentioned, of installing RTA cabinets. Let’s discuss the benefits in detail.

  • Pricing – The key and immediate difference between custom cabinets and RTA cabinets is the pricing. The former can cost you hundreds more than that of the latter ones. Custom furniture, whether kitchen cabinets or bathroom vanity cabinets are manufactured depending on the individual requirements. Therefore, they take much time to create and this obviously gets reflected in the price tags. While buying kitchen furniture, ask about available options and their prices. With these units, you will have fewer financial surprises in comparison to custom ones that need extra shipping time, extra work, and a hectic installation process. Apart from being affordable, RTA units feature the benefits of not including any hidden costs.
  • Options–Kitchen cabinets are a great investment. And if you buy a wooden one, it will be just timeless. White and graycolors are best for cabinets. They usually go perfect with any appliances, countertops, walls, and flooring. Ask your chosen vendor about the sizes available. Explore the options and choose as per your need.
  • Look – Irrespective of the theme you have in your mind, you can always find the right RTA furniture to look perfect with the rest of the décor and furnishings. There are many grains, stains, colors, and details available. You will also find the glass door and wood type of your choice. If the standard size doesn’t fit in the kitchen, you may ask for custom RTA furniture according to the size of your kitchen.
  • Time-saving–These are a time-saving option as they don’t need to be customized. On the other hand, custom cabinets may take weeks to get completed. Ready-to-assemble units are already in stock and a shippable condition unless any modification is needed. Even if you need some changes, your order won’t take much time, unlike customized cabinets.
  • Quality – Pre-assembled kitchen units are not cheap. Besides, RTA units with doorknobs and hinges are the same as the custom-built cabinets, in terms of quality. If you buy the units from a reputable shop, you can expect to receive nicely constructed, good-looking, and durable units.
  • Easy installation – If you have a budget constraint, you can install the kitchen cabinets on your own. Otherwise, you will have to hire someone to get the units installed. If the purchased cabinets are already ready to be fixed right at the onset, you have to pay less toward labor cost. Usually, the units can be assembled just with some easy items like nails, a hammer, and a screwdriver. There are many resources where you will find needed assistance regarding installation, in case you want to install the units yourself.
  • Convenience – Well, last but not the least, this one is probably the greatest benefit. While renovating the kitchen, you might have so many things to consider. With RTA units, you can at least keep this worry at bay. Put the pieces together as they arrive at the home. The whole remodeling project will be easy while you will put the cabinet pieces simply and fast.

RTA vs. pre-assembled

There is no doubt that the project owners will want to grab the best deal in terms of cabinetry purchase. If you want to get cabinets for your kitchen, you can get them delivered in two ways – in a ready-to-assemble condition or a pre-assembled condition. Choosing the right type helps you save both your precious time and money. Choose a dealer that deals in the specific type you need. With RTA cabinets, you need to put the parts together and build the furniture yourself. This is a great opportunity to enjoy lower prices as you don’t have to deal with high labor costs.

In a nutshell, you can enjoy a short shipping time and thus get the cabinetry delivered quickly. They are cheaper than custom cabinets. Ready-to-assemble cabinets are made from superior-quality materials. Moreover, the units come with a warranty and you can rest assured about the quality. RTA kitchen cabinets are convenient, affordable, easy-to-ship, fast-to-deliver, easy-to-install, and beautiful to look at.

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