Start-up Advice for Women by Female Entrepreneurs

September 2, 2020

Coming up with a business is not an easy thing to do. Whether it is picking up a business idea, creating a business plan or attempting to source funding. However, a woman can become a successful entrepreneur when she has a solid idea and a strong support system. Whether you are thinking about starting a business of your own or you just need a little extra inspiration in your professional life, these advises will do the trick!

Share with people about your business.
Do not hide what you are doing, tell everyone about your business that is your friends, family and your acquaintances. Find good friends who can be your sounding board and also be there to help through the roller coaster ride. There are serious ups and downs with starting a business, and there are times you question everything you are doing. They should know exactly what you are doing and the industry that you are in. People who are around you, are usually your first customers and that is the easiest way to kick start your business. Also, in the case that there is something bad about the products that you are planning to sell, they can quickly tell you before the products are saturated in the market.

Link with other women business owners.
Well, networking may assist you to get knowledge, reach a lot of potential clients, and ultimately achieve growth for your business and raise the profits level. It is normal and even an important part of business growth where people share their successes and mistakes with other business owners. The owners of small businesses use networking as a way to make relationships with other business owners, in related fields, that assist in expanding their businesses.

There are women building businesses and groups focused on helping out women entrepreneurs. Some are locally based, industry-based, even nationally based. You can participate in those groups and create your network of other women entrepreneurs. Whether it is referring to a new client, an investor, or just someone to vent about the challenges of running a business, no one can empathize with your situation better than another female entrepreneur.”

Pursue something meaningful.
Starting a company is not always easy, and it is critical you work on something that means a lot to you. Before you start up a business, you need to have an idea that you believe will result in a large number of customers. It should be well researched and innovative. You must keep in mind that an impressive start-up idea will get the attention of investors who can fund your creation and support you through launch and growth stages.

Be a good decision-maker.
You have to be decisive in your decision-making. Each day is different in your responsibilities as a business owner. You have to be diligent in solving problems and challenges along the way. In doing so, you will have more time and resources to grow your business.

Identify and know your audience.

You have to identify your ideal customers and which communities are they part of. Choose one target market to serve at first and stick with that community as long as possible. Tailor your product, your messaging and your entire process toward that specific community, and only expand when it is the right time to do so to. In this way, you will ensure a strong product-market fit and learn how to let your customers lead you where you need to go.”

Have realistic goals.
“Not having a clear picture of what you want to accomplish as an entrepreneur could result in many challenges as you grow and scale your business. Goals are set to help you encourage yourself. Goals should be based on one’s capability and should be mirrored by one’s strengths and weaknesses. These goals must be realistic and having concrete goals will allow you to create more defined objectives that will, in turn, make it easier to execute your goals and make your entrepreneurial journey a little clearer.”

Don’t be stopped by impostor syndrome.
Impostor syndrome could be a psychological pattern in which a person doubt their actions and has a persistent internalized fear of being exposed as a “fraud”. A lot of women out there deal with feeling symptoms of ‘impostor syndrome.’ It holds so many people back, the second-guessing and the fear. If you know what you’re doing is worthy, absolutely no one can stop you besides yourself.”

Don’t be afraid of taking an unexpected path.
“My advice is to focus on the areas in which your company creates value and makes your customers happy. Don’t be afraid of pursuing an unexpected path. The main point of entrepreneurship is to find a gap in the market and then venture into it.

Look for a mentor.
“Although there are entrepreneurial seminars and workshops that are put in place to help upcoming entrepreneurs so that they can be prepared for the real-life hurdles of owning a business. Find a solid mentor to coach you, introduce you to people and bounce ideas off of. Many people actually didn’t have mentors when they started out, and now they wish they had. So, it better to find one before you venture into business and trust me this will help you succeed.

Incorporate before doing business.
“For liability reasons, it is wiser to form a company before the business takes off. Registering a company can help protect personal assets by separating the business from your personal affairs. Your business would be regarded as a separate legal entity as distinct from its members, therefore it is separate at law from its shareholders, directors, and promoters. If anything were to go wrong with the business, it’s wise to make sure your house, car and personal assets are properly protected.”

Remember that a great idea without a proper plan and execution will remain just an idea. Be prepared to endure the pain posed by the process of pursuit. Related articles

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