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May 31, 2021

To keep all your valuables safe you need a locker that provides you with a high level of security and a safe place to keep the things. In this modern era nothing can be more safe than an electronic locker.

These lockers do not require the mechanical keys to open it as it can be easily opened by just entering the four digit password in the locker. You can keep your documents, mobile phone, laptop, jewelry and other expensive items in the locker and secure it with a four digit passcode.

The lockers are safe and stylish as well that gives your shelves and cupboards a pretty look. There are different electronic lockers available in the market having different features, designs and colors that makes it a convenient device to use and keep.

Let’s have a look at some of the most popular and best home safe locker boxes in 2021 that will keep your valuables safe and secured.

AmazonBasics Safe

The popular safe locker which everyone prefers is the Amazonbasics safe that is available in different sizes and can be in a cubic design or a rectangular design. They are perfect for home and offices where you need to store the important documents. These heavy duty lockers are made of carbon steel that are rust proof and waterproof. They have a smooth finish and are made of a strong material that gives it a high priority.


  • The locker has a good space and is convenient to put in the cupboard or the shelf.
  • It is available in different colors from which black is the most popular one.
  • You just need to keep a four digit password and it’s all set.
  • The locker is preferable for home and office as well.  

Godrej Safe Locker

Next one in the list is the Godrej safe lock that is pretty to look at and safe to use. The lockers from Godrej are available in different sizes and designs having both manual lockers and electronic lockers as well.

It has a numeric keypad with a digital display that makes it easy to use. The safe has an auto lock function and it freezes when someone enters the incorrect password thrice. So you don’t need to worry as all your valuables are safe.


  • The locker has a cold rolled steel body that makes it strong and durable.
  • These lockers are perfect for residential purposes and official purposes as well.
  • The lockers are available in different varieties.
  • They are corrosion resistant and water resistant as well.

Stok Safe Locker

If we talk about security then the Stock electronic locker is the best. These lockers are opened with a 4 digit password that you can remember easily. The locker includes a shelf that can prove to be helpful for keeping more things. Usually expensive jewelry, cash and documents are kept in the locker. Many people even keep their laptops safe in the locker as the laptop contains a number of files and important information in it.


  • It has a carpeted floor that saves the accessories from scratches.
  • It is made from a strong and durable steel material.
  • The locker works on a 3 to 6 digit password.
  • It will automatically freeze if you enter the incorrect password thrice.

Ozone Electronic Locker

The locker from Ozone is also a popular electronic product that is tough enough with a good storage capacity. It can be accessed through fingerprints, digital codes and even mechanical keys that you get with it. They ensure a safe and secure access and you can even reset the pin if you forget it. The locks are available in different sizes and have shelves inside depending upon its size. You can pick the one that is most convenient for your place.


  • It is easy to access, manage and clean.
  • It can be opened with multiple fingerprints and passwords saved.
  • It provides optimum safety to all your expensive and important things.
  • The locker has auto secure mode that freezes after 3 incorrect tries.

Plantex Electronic Locker

When you want to get a small locker for your home then the safe from Plantex is the perfect choice. The lockers are available in pretty pink and bright yellow color that makes it a favorite of every girl.

As there are many more color options you can choose any color that perfectly matches with your interior and makes a perfect match. You can definitely choose this locker and keep all your things safe and secure.


  • It is small and convenient for residential purposes.  
  • You can even keep it in small offices and restaurants.
  • The lockers are beautifully designed and give your cupboards or shelves a stylish look.
  • You just need to keep it at the right place and you can use it easily whenever needed.

Dolphy Electronic Safe

Last but not the least is the electronic safe from Dolphy. It provides you different varieties of safe that are opened from front or are opened from the above surface. They also have some safes that are drawer-like and open like a drawer.

They have a beautiful digital keypad that makes the locker look fabulous. Its shiny black color makes it look flawless and worth getting a locker for your home or office. You can pick from the list of lockers that it has.


  • The lockers are utmost stylish and are available in different colors.
  • They provide you with a high level of digital security at every place.
  • You don’t need to worry about your important things kept in the locker.
  • It is light in weight therefore it can be kept anywhere.

All these lockers are beautiful and stylish as well as they are eligible to provide you a high level of security. Some of them have mechanical keys that can be used in emergencies.

They are easy to use and save your time as you don’t need to open it every time with the key manually. You just need to enter the password and your locker will open within seconds easily. They are strong, durable and user-friendly.

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