Is Web Design Related To Website Conversion Rate?

December 28, 2020

Many people think that they only need to use paid advertising to get website sales orders or product enquiries. In fact, no matter you buy advertisements or perform SEO natural search, users can reach the website. As long as you arrive on the website, you should pay attention to web design. Because after the user arrives on the website, the design of the website is closely related to sales or any form of conversion. The website design dominates the conversion rate after the website arrives. For example, the checkout process of shopping websites is simplified, CTA (Action Appeal) design easy-to-understand content, website speed and efficiency are all important factors that affect website conversion rates.

Provide easy-to-understand Content

Many people think that it’s good to design a web page beautifully and even put a lot of “fancy animations”. In fact, the most important job of website development Company in Pakistan is to “allow users to get information at the fastest speed.” The focus of website design is not only its only website visuals, as well as “process design”, “data layout”, “easy to understand diagrams”, “site navigation”, “and user experience”, and “easy to understand text”, which can effectively guide users Web design can allow potential customers to slowly enter the default path of “traffic conversion” following the funnel of web design. Common traffic conversions include “order completion”, “product inquiry form”, “e-book download”, “Telephone contact”, “Subscribe to newsletter”. As long as the web design’s preset goals can be regarded as traffic conversion.

Simplify the web design process

It’s not difficult for potential customers to add products to their shopping carts, or to get them to the page for filling in the inquiry form, but for customers to fill in relevant content and press the “send button” and “complete checkout”, web design is required Cleverly arranged, such as reducing the fields to fill in, placing checkout links or buttons, and reducing the steps of the checkout process. If the process of web design is not obvious enough, not human enough, or produce an impatient design, it may be Ask a person to abandon a full shopping cart or a half-filled inquiry form. At this time, the purpose of web design is completely wasted, so don’t ignore the importance of web design.

Design CTA effectively (call to action)

What is CTA (Call to Action)? In Chinese, some people translate “call to action” and some translate to “action call”. It doesn’t matter which name is translated, the important thing is that the purpose of web design is to hope that users can perform a certain action. To achieve a certain purpose, the purpose can be shopping checkout, filling in the inquiry form, subscribing to the e-newsletter, downloading e-books, booking services, making phone calls… all the purposes of web design CTA. A CTA can be a button, a picture, or a paragraph of text. No matter what the CTA is, the following three things must be paid attention to achieve an effective CTA.

The first thing: The content of the website must be consistent with the CTA appeal

The content of the CTA link must match the content of the website. If the user clicks on the CTA link and finds that the content is not relevant, he will think that the CTA is a phishing website. The feeling of being cheated will greatly affect the success rate of the CTA.

Second thing: put the CTA in a clearly effective position

The CTA must be placed in an obvious place. The text design must have a strong contrast and the text must be large enough. It can be placed in the large block on the left of the article, or placed at the end of the article. Placing the end of the article can resonate clicks. CTA does not Limited to one, it can be placed wherever there is a chance to be effective. Regarding the color matching of the CTA, if the website is blue, do not use blue words or blue pictures to make the CTA, so the CTA is easily submerged in the website, the CTA cannot be clearly highlighted.

The third thing: short and easy to understand CTA guide text

The CTA introduction text must be short and easy to understand. Don’t have too many complicated descriptions. It can be simple and clear, such as “Get the e-book for free”, “Book a course immediately”, “Contact us immediately”, all of which are immediate and time-sensitive The meaning of, urge, can help CTA’s click success rate.

Improve website efficiency and reduce errors

When I went to the shopping website to buy something to the last step, the “swipe card checkout” was not able to be swiped. If errors continue to occur, the order is likely to be lost. When I press the “Product Inquiry Form” send button on the B2B corporate website, it appears A waiting rotation animation, just can’t see the “send completed” message, and a blank web page appears soon after, is it possible for the customer to fill it again? There is also the difficulty of seeing the content of the website that you want to see. After clicking the link, there is a dilemma that the page cannot be found (404). The above swiping errors, website speed is too slow, website link errors all websites should not Errors that occur, and these errors are the killers of customer churn.


If your website is viewed by many people, but there is not much effective “traffic conversion”, then your website is likely to have some problems. At this time, you can ask an experienced SEO company or web design company to help you check the website. You can use Google Analytics to analyze the bounce rate and bounce path of the website to find out possible causes. If the web page is designed well and the web design company has SEO experience, it can greatly reduce similar errors. Once the “website bounce rate” is reduced and the “site time on site” is increased, the “website conversion rate” will naturally increase. The relationship with conversion rate is inextricably linked, so be careful.

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