How To Attract Everything You Desire Effortlessly!

How To Attract Everything You Desire Effortlessly!

November 25, 2022

Be Simply Irresistible . . .

How To Attract Everything You Desire Effortlessly!

  1. Create an environment that naturally pulls you forward so things like commitment and discipline are optional. Being pulled forward is attractive, pushing forward is not.
  2. Over respond to every event. By over responding instead of overacting, you evolve which is very attractive.
  3. Build reserves in every area of your life. Having enough is not nearly enough for you to be Irresistible Attractive. Stop running your life on adrenaline.
  4. Add value just for the joy of it. When you add value just because you enjoy it, people are naturally attracted to you.
  5. Market your talents shamelessly. If you are embarrassed about what you do , you won’t be very attractive.
  6. Become irresistible attractive to yourself. How can you attract others if you don’t feel irresistible attractive to yourself?
  7. Get a fulfilling life, not just an impressive lifestyle. A great lifestyle is attractive, lifestyles can be seductive.
  8. Deliver twice what you promise. When you consistently deliver more than was expected, new customers are drawn to you.
  9. Unhook yourself from the future. Attraction works in the present, not in the future.
  10. Eliminate delay. Time is expensive and delays are very unattractive.
  11. Get your personal needs met, once and for all. If you have unmet needs, you will attract others in the same position. Needs are not optional. Create a Sass!
  12. Tolerate nothing. When you put up with something, it costs you. Costs are expensive and very unattractive.
  13. Show others how to please you. Don’t make them guess.
  14. Endorse your worst weakness and shadow. When you accept and honor the worst part of yourself you are free and more accepting of others.
  15. Sensitize yourself. The more you feel, the more you notice and respond to the many subtle opportunities in the present.
  16. Perfect your environment. Create an environment that brings out your brilliance versus one that drains you.
  17. See how perfect the present really is especially when it is clearly not.
  18. Orient exclusively around your values. When you spend your days doing what fulfills you, you are a magnet for attraction.
  19. Simplify everything. Abandon the non essentials and leave room for you to attract.
  20. Master your craft. Being the best at what you do is the easiest way to become successful.
  21. Recognize and tell the truth. The truth is the most attractive thing of all, and it requires skill and awareness.
  22. Be more human. When you are genuine, you are attractive.

Are You A Coaching Candidate?

  1. Do you spend your day putting out fires?
  2. Do you have any concerns about your business running at maximum profitability?
  3. Do you run your business on the edge?
  4. Do the same problems continually resurface?
  5. Do you have difficulty finding someone you trust who can give you an objective viewpoint and bounce ideas off of?
  6. Is your business running you?
  7. Do you find that you are unable to make the most of all the opportunities in your life?
  8. Do you experience roller coaster highs and lows in your business?
  9. Do you have a lone ranger lifestyle?
  10. Do you allow your goals and purpose to get sidetracked?
  11. Do you lack having a clear, measurable action plan to fulfill your goals?
  12. Do you lack structure?
  13. Do you lack inner fulfillment?
  14. Do you spend most of your day working “in” your business instead of “on” it?
  15. Are you a workaholic?
  16. Are you experiencing a lack of balance in your life and business?
  17. Are you committed to growing yourself and your company?
  18. Are you coachable? (Are you willing to hear and act on another’s person’s viewpoint?)
  19. Do you lack a clear financial plan for your future?
  20. Are you willing to be truthful and restore your integrity?
  • If you answered yes to more than three of these questions you can benefit from a coach.

Questions A Coach May Ask You:

  • What five opportunities are you leaving on the table?
  • How might you sabotage our professional relationship?
  • How have you been motivated in the past to reach difficult goals or make difficult decisions? How can we best utilize that motivation now?
  • How would you do this differently if you were willing to let it be easy?
  • What would happen if you showed up ten times more bolder this week in every aspect of your life?
  • What are the 10 things you are tolerating or putting up with that are preventing you from performing at your best?

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