Why Women Fake Orgasm

March 15, 2020

Women are amazing when it comes to faking it, in fact, they are undeniably good in faking absolutely anything. The climax is definitely the end goal of having fulfilling sex. It’s not about orgasm alone, of course, you have to enjoy the whole intimacy process. Why do you make the journey only to deny yourself to reach the destination? Why fake the most intense part of sex? Both men and women deny women orgasm, so it’s equally a man and a woman’s fault.  What makes a woman deny herself such pleasure?

1. No freedom of speech or lack of communication
Communication is the key to building a free friendship with your partner. Create an environment of free talk like you would with your best friend. You would share with your best friend if your man doesn’t do it for you in the bedroom. Why not tell him directly? How would he improve or do you better if you keep screaming in bed for zero? Make him your best friend, talk freely about everything so the sex talk can easily be part of the relationship. Imagine him as your best friend then free flow of talking “nonsense” will lead you to easy sex talk.

2. Forced marriage
there are a lot of unfortunate cases whereby women were captured and forced into marriage with men they don’t even know.  These are sad cases where most of these men are either too old or too scary for the woman to even say a word let alone talk about sexual issues. Sex is an intimate thing for a woman so no pleasure will come out of forced relationship. Most of these women will unfortunately never have a taste of what orgasm feels like.

3. To please her partner
Women can tell how their orgasm satisfies their partner so they put pressure on themselves to fake it. They do it to please their men either as a duty to do so or because they know how it boosts their men’s ego.

4. Not in the mood for sex
this goes back to the communication issue, sex starts in the mind and if there is no sex talk or communication at all then the mood will not be set prior to engaging. Women normally take longer to be turned on so they might need a push to the right direction before getting into action. When the mood is off and there’s no foreplay to prepare the mind then painful sex will be the end results. As a result the poor woman will be playing along while hoping her man gets early ejaculation.

5. Lack of emotional connection
unlike men our having sex goes with emotions. Some stay in relationships that are non- existence and continue having sex as a duty. If you don’t love him anymore, duck because orgasm will become a stranger in your life. We know other women stay in emotionless relationships for a variety of reasons that are supposedly beneficial to their personal needs.

6. Insecurities
insecurities can be about lack of confidence in the bedroom, your body shape or doubt about his love for you. All these will surely kill all the sexual desire thus affecting your libido. Insecurities will make you worry about them and forget about enjoying the moment of passion. You can never enjoy sex while the mind is busy worrying about other things because the body will engage while the mind is absolutely in another planet.

7. To finish bad sex
sometimes you can initiate sex but the whole thing might not be as pleasurable as you wanted. It is a delicate matter that destroys most relationships. The problem lies where women get bored to engage with their men because they see no point in doing it. They get bored for a variety of reasons that kill all the mood. I know some men don’t care and they also think women don’t need to get horny or don’t need to be pleasured sexually. The reason might simply be because it is one of those bad sex days. Whatever the reason might be for bad sex day, the hope to end it is to fake it so he can be quick about it rather than dropping the bomb on him while he is still busy.

8. Personal gain
this is the recently most popular one and goes with lack of emotional connection. It is true when they say men will fake the relationship just to orgasm with you while women will do it for a whole lot of reasons. We find it funny when they say women can sleep with anything that walks on two feet if they want something from it but it is a sad reality. Reasons may be for security, comfortable life or to maintain a flashy one, finances or work.

In conclusion here is a word of advice. As a woman take a stand and fight for it. It is up to you to let him know, no one will do it for you. Find a way to make him to talk about it and let him know exactly how you feel & how you want it. If talking is difficult then try action, by showing him what works for you for your happiness.


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