Why Do You Need to Pick Safety Glasses as Your Requirement

Why Do You Need to Pick Safety Glasses as Your Requirement

May 13, 2021

Do you love a hero? Of course, it’s natural to admire and inspire someone even they are in the public service, your personal life, or sports field. It is also common to compete with them and spend huge cash just on those products that their favorite personalities use. But be careful in buying safety glasses because in this matter don’t follow your favorite one.

You, your personality, and even your profession is not the same as your hero than how can you buy the same product just because they use it, and therefore that one is your favorite. Most of the movie star wear most of the products just like an accessory for which they are publicity and that’s it. If you follow them in carrying accessories, it will be eagerly money spending to make a stamen and to recognize with those people whom you respect.

So, why should you be different in safety?

Each year, several workers get injures at their workplace and there is the cost more than a billion dollars. The eye is one of the common body parts that most workers get injured while performing their duties. Besides eye injury, some workers get lifelong consequences because only eye injury cost is just exceeding more than $300 million per annum. However, other affected costs like medical expenses, production time, and worker compensation are countless expenses.

Most common objections:

Some injuries at the workplace are complicated. But some of them are preventable if they wear proper protection like safety eyewear. then why it is difficult for the workers to wear those products that are beneficial for them. Surveys give properly reliable awareness that why workers don’t take an interest to get basic protection just because of few silly reasons.

  • Confident that they don’t need them
  • Not comfortable in wearing
  • Poor-fitting
  • Blamed inability to perform duty and lower productivity
  • Too hot
  • Unavailable while performing a task
  • Ugly look

How to start to wear safety glasses?

A complete eye protection program starts with the analysis of job hazards. It classifies the certain hazards for the task or the specific place where comprehensive safety is required. Well, engineering hold is the first line of protection. Along with all tools of training and awareness, it is pretty hard to remove the need for basic safety in the assembly, manufacturing, processing, and construction workplace. It is to be considered that more than 2000 American workers get work-related eye injury that needs medical treatment.

Choose the right fit:

No one would like to wear that pant if he is not comfortable, or shoes, or any other wearing accessory. Because it will be not only uncomfortable but distracting as well. Therefore, most people ask one question why one size doesn’t fit all heads. Naturally, everyone has a different physique and therefore different skull sizes as well. If you like to wear those shoes of another person if they don’t have a good fit on your feet. Then why don’t you consider the same thinking with the safety glasses because it is a matter of vision? Different facial structures and sizes may be associated with the factors like age, gender, and ethnicity, etc.

Fit can be different because of the length and width of the frame size, temple size including the different size of nose piece and shape of the frame as well. Glasses with too loose or too tight-fitting either distract or pinch you continuously. And if you wear them for an extended time, they lead to headaches or eye strain. On the other hand, glasses with good fitting will remain comfortable in wearing and a worker would like to more wear without continuous monitoring.

Just assume they are on your eyes but if they become fog up, safety glasses will provide poor vision quality and may delay work as well. And of course, it would better to stop work rather than get an eye injury. But it could be irritating to pausing from work and then wipe off fog if you are in a humid environment. Besides, glare, optical distortion, and scratches can affect your vision. For this purpose, you can use anti-scratch coating, anti-reflect, and anti-fog coating to avoid fog and blur vision.

Minimum needs:

Depending on the risk identified, the minimum need for safety glasses generally focuses on safety against:

  • Splashes
  • Particulates
  • Impact
  • UV radiation or other kinds of hazardous light

High-quality safety glasses beat these needs and provide productivity, upgrading, and enhancing features including anti-scratch coating. Besides, they are also equipped with anti-fog technology. Tinted, reflective, and polarized lenses filter optical quality and environment light with no more distortion.

Identify individuality:

Attractive and appearance are extremely personal according to subjective perspective. Besides good fit. Various eyewear styles can complement certain facial shapes which allow workers to identify individual requirements.

Because of numerous frame style, now choice has become easier which allow users to share possession in their choice. Because various lens choices and different kinds of frame colors provide users a better feeling to wear any kind of protective eyewear.

For example, if a camo pattern attracts someone’s personality, this thing is also available in the safety glasses that he would love to wear in a critical situation. Besides, keep remembering, if you wear protective specs, the risk of injury would be decreased. And it is more simple rather than getting severe eye injury.

Consider the attitude difference toward throwaway, for example, one-time use eyeglasses will be tossed in the dust bin in the production area. And high-quality glasses with an attractive case, cleaning accessories, and lanyards do matter for the workers. Workers would appreciate this huge difference and they will get understand the responsibility of their maintenance because it would be part of their job.

A solid safety culture can be implemented with the help of quality protective eyewear. Besides offering safe eyewear, they need to understand the importance and different people are involved because of different tasks. And the important thing is this, they are expensive at all if you compare them with the cost of a single eye injury. If safety glasses would be safe and stylish, of course, every worker will feel good and stay protective by wearing them.

How can you protect your eyes from injuries?

There are four steps to follow for eye protection against injury;

  • Identify danger for eyes at your workplace
  • Reduce the hazard before starting your work like engineering control, work screens, and machine guard, etc.
  • Use appropriate protection

Keep protective glasses in good condition with proper maintenance and quickly replace them in case of any damage. The selection of safety specs should be according to the required task because every safety eyewear is made for a certain activity. So, kinds of safety include:

Prescription and non-prescription eyewear:

Generally, safety glasses look like typical dress eyewear but they are designed with specific material for safety concerns. The frame and lenses of the safety glasses are impacted as compared to traditional glasses. Besides, protective specs should meet the safety ANSI standard and look at the Z87 mark on a frame of lenses.

Protective eyewear offers safety for general working settings where there are tiny chips, flying particles, and fine dust particles. Extra protection can get for the sides of the eyes through side shields. And wraparound frames are a perfect choice because they are the best combination of safety and style in one piece of eyewear.

Safety glasses are available in plastic, Trivex, glass, and polycarbonate materials. While all these kinds of materials should meet the minimum needs for your eyes protection. Among all the above-mentioned materials, polycarbonate offers impact safety to the eye wearers. Besides, goggles provide the best protection if you are working with chemical splashes and other heat radiation.

Goggles offer impact, chemical splashes, and dust safety. Like protective glasses, they also strongly impact resistant. Besides, they offer great safety around your entire eye and protect eyes no matter the hazard comes from any side. Another advantage of the goggles is you can wear them over prescription eyewear and contact lenses. And they offer super protection against chemical splashes and flying particles as well.

Helmets and face shields are full face protection and they are the best choice if you are working with heat, chemicals, and bloodborne pathogens. Generally, helmets have the best use when you are working with molten material or welding. Keep remembering helmets and face shields alone don’t provide good protection. You must have linked them with the safety goggles or glasses. Besides, you can wear goggles or safety glasses under the face shield and they also provide protection even shield is removed.

Special safety:  Other kinds of safety like goggles and helmets with specific filters for eye protection against visual radiation exposure can use for different kinds of tasks like welding and laser work etc. One way to make sure that protective eyewear will offer enough protection must be ensuring its appropriate fitting as well. Besides, you need to make good maintenance of your safety gears and to avoid them from scratches. Dirty and scratched devices decrease visual clarity, lead to glare, and may cause many accidents. If you wear prescription glasses, it would better to buy prescription safety eyewear.

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