What to Consider While Buying Prescription Glasses

What to Consider While Buying Prescription Glasses?

May 13, 2021

Well, most people indeed demand prescription glasses for vision correction and it does make sense. Particularly, if you are with this factor that is born with weak eyesight, you need them. the affected factors could be losing flexibility, age factor, and start at a screen for a long time.

With the help of perfect vision, it makes sure you can view stop signs, recognize your friends if they are across the room, or read the sign that is available on another side of the street. There is a problem with the solution.

How to buy the right prescription glasses according to your needs?

Below here are common issues that people have to face while buying prescription eyewear.

The first thing is expenses because its cost can reach up to hundreds of dollars.

The second thing is plenty of time people need to find the perfect pair with fair price particularly if you are interested to buy a special and unique style with good price.

The third one is great confusion and that is perfect style according to your face shape and even profession as well. Do you go with one stylish pair or buy multiple pairs of eyewear?

This post will help you to guide the entire process of buying with simple tips so that you can make a smart decision if you are going either online or offline shopping.

Get the latest prescription

Generally, the standard date of valid prescription remains for two years for adult persons and approximately one year for a young one. So, if your prescription has taken time more than two years, visit your local store and approach the latest prescription. When you visit the optician for the comprehensive eye exam, he gives you a prescription note and that will be the correct number of prescriptions.

You need this prescription note to buy new pair of glasses so that you can see the world with perfect vision with the help of the perfect tool of eyeglasses. Keep remember, this prescription is not valid for contact lenses because it is a completely different matter of vision.

Measure right pupillary distance:

PD or pupillary distance is the distance measured in millimeters between two pupils. The right optical center of the lenses will give you the perfect vision when you will see through them. And the part of this measurement of eyewear should be exactly in front of your pupils.

To get the right position of the lenses of your prescription glasses, the lab of spectacles will require your exact PD. Generally, the right PD is found between 54 to 68 mm. It is a little tricky to measure your PD, so it would better to measure your OD through a professional optician.

An optometrist will get this measurement while your eye examination but sometimes he can skip this requirement with the prescription because it allows users to buy through online shopping. Ask them if you didn’t find PD in your prescription note because it is urgent for the right pair of prescription eyewear.

Choose right frame:

The secret to ordering perfect fitting eyeglasses depends on the exact frame size for your face. Three main factors can affect the selection of prescription eyeglasses.

First, pick glasses according to face shape so that they can complement your face. The right frame size provides you great advantage beyond sharp vision. Besides, they can enhance your overall personality and look as well. To create the best match in your appearance through eyeglasses, you need to choose the right frame shape that can offer the best contrast between your face shape and prescription specs.

The human face is classified into numerous face shapes and they are as follows.

  • A round face has a circular face with a round forehead. Therefore, you need to pick a frame that has good width rather than a tall one. Rectangular frames are a good option because they can add your structure with an elongate face shape.
  • Heart face shape has strong wide cheekbones, a narrow chin, and a large forehead. So, you may require to search for glasses with the same angles. Round shape frames that have a wider top as compared to the bottom because they will create great contrast between face and frame.
  • Square face will go with the square jaw and you may require to soften the natural angularity of the face. Rounded and softer frames will create balance in your face angles.
  • Oval face shape is an enviable shape because you rock almost all kinds of style of prescription glasses. Well, the best pair of glasses is symmetrical specs with a tough structure but they have a soft round bottom.

Now you need to get an understanding of your face shape so that you can approach the exact pair of frames and enhance your overall personality.

Choose frame style according to your lifestyle:

What is your personality and what is your professional requirement, all these things are counted in the selection of glasses?

  • For a businessman: You need to stick with conservative frame shapes and colors. To boost up your professional image, go with classic shapes like almond, rectangle, and ovals frame shapes as well. Silver, brown, gunmetal, and black are advisable colors because they have a conservative tone to pair up with your business suites.
  • Creative professionals: Go with the latest shape like geometric design with metallic or thick plastic frames. Besides, try some unusual shades like green, purple, and blue. Vintage, retro, and aviator shapes are perfectly suitable to enhance your creative edge.
  • Busy parents: Busy parents should not worry about the latest design of eyewear. They should stick with the basic but stylish pair of prescription glasses. Upswept, oval, soft cat-eye, and rectangle frames shape are extremely functional and look great on the parent’s age. Besides, prefer dark shades like black, green, and deep red are perfect shades to enhance your stylish look with the basic frames.
  • Students: Eye-catching sports shapes and shades are the perfect choices for the students. Besides, go with the unusual shapes, large size, bright colors, and interesting details like color laminations. Student age is very excited and experimental, so don’t scare to apply any experiment with retro, geeky, or modern frames with multiple shades.
Choose the right frame size:

Fashion comes in second place, but the appropriate position of the prescription glasses according to your eyes is the primary concern. If you are regular eyewear, it is easy to tackle this step of buying, because you can get the help of exact measurement through old pair of specs. That measurement can find inside of the frame. Sometimes, the measurement is also mentioned behind the nose bridge and these numbers show the following dimension.

  • Bridge size is the horizontal distance of two lenses and there would be a two-digit number in the range of 14 to 24 mm.
  • Eye size is the horizontal width and there would be a two-digit number in the range of 40 to 62mm.
  • Temple size is the length of the eyeglasses arms and there would be a mention three-digit number in the range of 120 to 165 mm.

What frame size is suitable for you? Your face width is a significant factor to find the exact frame size for your face shape. Keep in mind that sunglasses come in a larger size because they provide you great protection from the harsh sunlight. Therefore, don’t count these measurements when you are buying sunglasses.

It is essential to note-perfect matching of size and shape of prescription glasses should according to your face proportion. As a result, you get an overall balanced look. Smaller frames are suitable for those persons who have less noticeable facial structures. You may require wide and large facial shapes to attract glasses with larger frames.

Choose right frame:

There are two choices to buy the right frame of eyeglasses either through a local store personally or get the experience of online shopping. Chose whatever most suitable for you.

Pros of offline shopping:

  • Expert help: A professional optician has proficient knowledge to guide you whether your selected frame is suitable for your prescription or not. Besides, they can guide you on how to perfectly fit on your nose.
  • Strong prescription: If you have a strong and complicated prescription, it is hard to find an online store to ready for a complicated prescription. On the other hand, a professional optician is needed to help you with your prescription glasses. Online stores have some limitations to process regarding the prescription.
  • Local support: If want to support your local store, make sure you are not paying too much for the same pair of glasses that can get low cost through an online store.

Pros of online shopping:

  • Less costly: In many cases, you can save up to 70% off retail prices. Besides, they have in-house labs for the manufacturing of your prescription lenses. Furthermore, they are less expensive because there is no middle man cost cut-down.
  • More variety: Online stores offer you more varieties of eyeglasses and lenses are provided of the same quality as offered in retail outlets.
  • Upload face: Most of the online retailers allow you to upload your image on the website to view how you are looking in 3m glasses. All the process is extremely easy.
  • More convenient: You don’t need to waste your time driving, waiting in the queue for your turn, and then run again to the store to catch your glasses.
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