Water Purifier Buying Guide To Choose Best Water Purifier For Home

February 3, 2021

Water is one of the fundamental needs of all the people living on the planet earth as water participates in almost all kinds of body functions like digestion of food, removal of waste material from the body and it also supports blood circulation. So various medical professionals’ advise us to drink water in sufficient amounts but all the time you drink water make sure that it is contamination-free and pure.

Drinking of contaminated water leads to the various kinds of waterborne diseases which can be fatal if not get properly treated. Every year more than 3 million people lose their life due to the waterborne diseases and according to the WHO officials report more than 80% of total waterborne cases are due to the drinking of contaminated water so be careful before you consume water.

With increasing water pollution and rigidness of the water pollutant, getting contamination-free water is not easy so to get the pure and healthy water you need to have modern and advanced water purifiers because a modern technology-based water purifier can eliminate all kinds of contamination present in the water.

In India, there are various kinds of water purifier and due to the availability of the wide range of water purifier selection of the water purifier has become tough. Before having a water purifier you need to perform several research or get in touch with the expert professionals.

Factor To Consider While Buying Water Purifier For Your House

A water purifier needs all the house as it is one of the most efficient and widely used units for water purification; thus, in the recent past. These days, there are various kinds of water purifiers in the Indian market; therefore, people get confused most of the time while selecting the water purifier for their house. Here in this article, we will discuss some crucial factories that will help you choose the best water purifier for your home.

Let’s discuss those crucial factors which one should consider while buying a water purifier

  1. Regular Water Quality You Received At Your Home

It is one of the crucial factors as a different water source contains different kinds of pollutants; thus, having proper knowledge about your water impurities helps you select the best water purifier for your house. Suppose your home includes a high concentration of dissolved salts. In that case, you should buy RO technology-based water purifiers, or if your water has a high concentration of microbes, then you should contain a water purifier based on UV technology.

  • Water Purification Technology

There are various kinds of water purification technology, but while accepted water purification technologies are

  • RO Technology- A water purifier based on this technology is used to eliminate the total dissolved salts present in water. Thus it is mainly used when the TDS concentration in water is high compared to the other contamination.
  • UV Technology- This technology is mainly used to eliminate the microbial contaminants from the water as the UV rays used in this destroy the microbial genetic material. As a result, the microbes lose their ability to grow and reproduce.
  • UF Technology- This technology is also used to eliminate the total dissolved salts present in water, but it removes comparatively higher-sized molecules. This water purification technology comes with either RO technology or UV technology.
  • Budget

After the above-listed factor, budget is crucial as this helps you get the best and mind-blowing water purifier at the best and affordable price at your doorstep. All the water purifiers available in the Indian market are the best. Thus, you need to fix your budget; you need to select the best water purifier under your budget.

  • Service Provider

There are various water purifier service providers in the Indian market. All of the promises that their water purifier services are best and affordable, but most service providers fail to keep their pledges. Thus, you need to choose your service provider smartly, who can provide best Aquaguard Service, Repair, and installation in your area. If you are looking for the best and affordable water purifier with mind-blowing after sales services, then you should look for the Aquaguard water purifier. Aquaguard manufacturers top quality water purifiers, which bring pure and healthy water for the longer time duration, and that Aquaguard service are also satisfactory and hassle-free. Aquaguard service center are available in various cities in India; thus, they reach you immediately to enjoy drinking water without getting any disturbance.


Suppose you are all set to buy a water purifier for your house. In that case, you should consider these above listed crucial factors, or you can also get in touch with the water purifier expert at the Aquaguard service center. This will help you buy the best water purifier system at an economical price; otherwise, you will buy the wrong product at a higher cost. Buying a water purifier is crucial as this helps you get pure and healthy water all the time you wish to drink water. As a result, you live a healthy lifestyle.

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