The Blade Guide – What Is Assisted Opening Knife?

January 13, 2021

There is an unending list of tools that make our lives so much easier every day. One of the most important ones out of them is the humble knife. Handy, multi-functional and convenient for all kinds of different tasks, knives are truly underrated. Out of these many blades, if there is one you should explore more and definitely get is the assisted opening knife.

If you haven’t yet used one, let’s look at the exact function and structure of an opening knife. We are all familiar with the basic knife that’s used in cooking and cutting. Then there is a smarter version, which is usually more compact and portable. The assisted opening knife is a blade that’s movable from its handle and is not embedded permanently. It is locked into the handle and can be retrieved when needed and then closed back up. These are what are also known as spring assisted knives, because they operate with a spring mechanism.

What Is the Advantage Of A Spring Loaded Knife?

On the whole, the spring knife is a multi-purpose tool that does more than cutting. Since it has an adjustable blade and a small one, it’s quite manageable. On top of that, almost all assisted opening knives are of a regularly smaller size. They can fit into glove compartments, purses, boots and even pockets. Naturally mobility is quite easy with a knife like this since it can be taken anywhere you go.

In terms of the structure of the knife itself, it is much more functional than normal kitchen knives. It has a smaller but way sharper blade that can cut through various materials. You can use it indoors, outdoors and one the move without issue. The best thing is that since assisted opening knives close into their handles, they are much safer to carry.

The Many Tasks One Spring Knife Can Accomplish

When you think about tools and their application it’s hard to judge what can be done with them. If seeing is believing, then here are some basic hacks you can master with a spring knife.

Mechanical and Repair work

If you have a spring assisted knife in your toolbox, you’ll get more use out of it thank you think. It has a sharp edge that means it can cut through wires and rivet screws as well. Most spring knives will also come equipped with little tools like screwdrivers and extra blades.

Odd cutting needs

How many times would run around looking for scissors when packages arrive? Or when you have to open an important letter without damaging the envelope. A spring knife is a good tool to keep in your study or kitchen in case you need to open something. It works really well for over-packed boxes and zip-ties when unboxing your stuff.

Outdoor hacks

A single spring assisted knife can be the star of your camping trips. It can help you forage for food and also cook it. You can use it to dig holes and prop up tents by cutting ropes. It can also be helpful when building hammocks or sleep nests. Most importantly, you can use it to make kindling for firewood so you can cook and keep warm.

Another outdoor activity that can benefit greatly from a spring knife is hunting. If you are a hunter then you know that knives are absolutely crucial for this sport. You cannot get a good hunt and manage to clean and butcher it if you don’t have a knife. And since spring knives are compact, they are also convenient for taking along.

Self Defense Weapons

While most people will think about guns when we say self defense there are safer options. Everyone is not comfortable handling high maintenance, dangerous weapons. A spring assisted knife is an ideal self defense weapon in that case. It has a razor sharp edge that can cut and slash like nobody’s business. It is also easy to carry so you can keep it on you when you go out. And most importantly, a spring knife opens instantly with a click; it’s helpful in life-threatening situations. 

The Best Spring Assisted Knife In USA

Luckily, you will find a large range of amazing spring assisted knives in the United States. Thanks to their average size, they are legal for public use with blades shorter than 3.5 inches. Secondly, there are multiple avenues where you can find what you are looking for. You can search your local weapon shops and even large supermarket outlets for good knives. You can also do swap meets with like-minded blade enthusiasts.

The best variety of high quality knives however is available online. There are multiple sources from where you can find the best blades for all the tasks mentioned above. PA Knives is one such source that gives you a never ending list of amazing knives to buy. If you have a real pension for good blades, here are some pieces you might fancy.

If you are looking for efficiency and performance, the best option is a good outdoor knife. The Outdoor Camo Spring Assisted Open Pocket Knife is the ideal companion for you. It has an easy to operate thumb stud and a beautiful camouflage design for style. The sharp edge will ensure that you go through all outdoor trip hurdles with ease.

As a blade enthusiast, a must-have knife is the Assisted Opening Pocket Knife with 3-D Polar Bear Design. One of the best knives out there, this blade is fantastically designed and incredibly swift. It features a safety lanyard hole and liner lock so you can use it without any trepidation. It also has a realistic polar bear 3-d design that makes it a collectible knife at best.

If you are a sucker for collecting impressive blades you can’t go wrong with a regal, ornamental one. For the classic lovers, the best option is the 6.5″ Gold Spring Assisted Open Pocket Knife. This blade has a razor-sharp edge that will work perfectly as a survival tool. You can take it wherever you want as it is pocket sized and impressively classy. 

All these and more amazing blades are waiting for you at PA Knives at amazing prices. The best thing is that they sell all wholesale knives so you pay less for better value.

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