The best travel guide to Nacpan Beach, El Nido.

March 30, 2021

At the northern tip of Palawan Island lies a paradisiacal land called El Nido! A group of 45 islands and islets, El Nido boasts some of the most beautiful beaches in Asia, one of which is Nacpan beach.

This beautiful beach is characterized by a vast 4-km stretch of palm-fringed coastline, soft and powdery sand, and clear blue waters. There are beach beds and seafood stalls too, great isn’t it? Continue reading our quick travel guide to Nacpan Beach that helps you make the most of your beach holiday here.

Is Nacpan beach worth visiting?

It is not unnatural that you have this question because you are visiting a place like El Nido, which is filled with several picturesque destinations only to leave you spoilt for choices. But, we recommend that you add Nacpan beach to your itinerary not only because it is beautiful like any other beach but also because it is uncrowded and unspoiled, unlike many famous beaches of the Philippines. Don’t have any second thoughts; we are sure you would not regret dedicating a good number of hours to this beach during your El Nido tour! Likewise, have no second thoughts about booking your flights with iEagle[D1]  because it is the best for booking your flight tickets online at the lowest possible price!

Travel guide to Nacpan Beach: Getting to the beach

Take a moped or a tuk-tuk or a motorbike or a shuttle leaving to this beach from El Nido town, and you will be at Nacpan beach within 45 minutes. Choose the Nacpan Beach Shuttle Service to go straight to the beach without any stopover. But, if you do not mind any delay to your destination, i.e., Nacpan beach, because it gives you a chance to visit the other beautiful attractions such as waterfalls, etc. (situated on the way), then choose any one of the other options. You can also visit Nacpan beach as a part of the island hopping tour with El Nido Tour E (Inland Tour: Beaches and Waterfalls).

What is the best time to visit Nacpan beach, El Nido?

November to May is usually the best time to visit El Nido’s tourist attractions, including Nacpan beach. The comfortable temperatures and sunny skies during this time of year are the best for both sightseeing and participating in various island activities. As for the time of the day, we suggest that you reach the beach at least 1 or 2 hours before the sunset so you do not miss the magical sunset at this vast palm-lined beach while also you get to enjoy all the other activities such as sunbathing and swimming among others at pleasant evening hours. 

Travel guide to Nacpan Beach: Things to do

Let us look at the various things you could do at this beach in the last section of our travel guide to Nacpan Beach, El Nido.

A long walk along the coastline: The beautiful Nacpan beach, boasting a long coastline of 4 km, can be best explored and enjoyed on foot. Strolling along the soft sand and listening to the music of the waves as the cool breeze caresses you is a refreshing and worth-cherishing experience, isn’t it? Walk to the adjacent Calitang Beach, together with which Nacpan forms the famous Twin Beaches of El Nido.

Enjoy the beautiful views of the sunset: The sunset at this beach is simply unmissable. With a drink or snacks in hand, it is even more beautiful! There are resto-bars on the beachfront that serve up delicious dishes and drinks. So, pick your favorite one, sit back, and enjoy the sunset!

Awaken the photographer in you: This is a kind of a place whose spectacular natural beauty turns any amateur into a good photographer. Whether you wish to have the dense palm groves as the background or the combination of clear blue waters and skies or the signature ‘Nacpan Beach’ sign, an oh-so-beautiful picture is guaranteed!

Beach activities: The first thing you would want to do at Nacpan beach is finding a secluded spot and soaking up the sun lying on your back on the smooth sand. You may appreciate a relaxing swim in the cool waters first. Or you might prefer to indulge yourself in watersports and other activities like snorkeling, parasailing, and more. Whatever it is, you will greatly enjoy every activity at this beach (see that you do not venture deep into the waters away from the shore as there could be strong currents).

Nacpan Beach Glamping: Love glamping under the stars? You could not miss out on the surreal glamping experience on this gorgeous beach. Nacpan Beach Glamping Resort provides luxurious tents, an outdoor pool, garden, and all the comforts of a five-star hotel to leave you satisfied! You will equally enjoy other activities such as sunset sailing, campfire cooking, etc., organized by the Nacpan Beach Glamping Resort.

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