How Can You Select the Right ERP for Your Company

How Can You Select the Right ERP for Your Company?

March 4, 2021

The internet has contributed to the exponential development of small businesses around the world. Smaller enterprises can offer services to bigger players with the proliferation of cloud storage. An ERP solution that seamlessly integrates with your e-commerce store assists in the transfer of order information to the ERP.

It decreases manual data entry procedures, which cannot easily keep up with increasing order volumes. An integrated ERP solution will also ensure that the management of the product catalog is in one place, improving accuracy, and increasing efficiency.

In Karachi, successful ERP software will ensure that the financial statements of all organizations comply with the Widely Accepted Accounting Principles (GAAP) and International Financial Reporting Requirements (IFRS). Often, based on the need for better visibility and documentation, the accounting team would address the need for an ERP. 

There is a range of other areas that can support retailers with an integrated ERP system, including quicker fulfillment by increasing demand cut-off times, reducing windows for order delivery, enhancing the pick, pack, and ship process, etc. As with every approach; however, the selection of the right product and the right vendor is crucial to the company’s success.

Top 10 Questions to Ask When Choosing the Right ERP

  1. Does it connect to an e-commerce solution?
  2. Is it real-time?
  3. Does it have an API?
  4. What kind of workflow does it allow (customization or configurable)?
  5. Is the ERP system Cloud-based?
  6. Can it allow me to authorize payments in the e-commerce system and capture the transaction at the time of shipping?
  7. Why are you considering a new ERP system?
  8. Are the platform and company stable, and does is the scale with my business.
  9. Is there a robust reseller and product support network?
  10. Does it allow all types of products?

When deciding on the best ERP software in Karachi suitable, here are some of the critical factors to consider:

Long-term Continuity

A successful record of accomplishment speaks for itself. You can confidently conclude that a well-established ERP provider is here for a long time, and has a stake in your current and future success.

Specialist Industry Knowledge

Each market has its own set of challenges and every organization is different. You will benefit from the expertise and perspectives of a team of experts who speak your language and understand what you want. This is possible by teaming up with an ERP supplier who specializes in your business to deliver an industry-specific solution. Rather than a general solution, whereas accepting and accommodating your uniqueness.

Successful ERP Implementation

From the start, the ERP supplier should have the skills and expertise to adhere to best practices in project management. This means all controls and governance operations are strictly controlled to ensure meeting all priorities and objectives. Ask other customers within your industry to see testimonials to ensure that your future ERP supplier delivers you the best.

Post-implementation training

It is imperative to provide the team with sufficient resources and preparation to optimize the benefits of your ERP investment. To ensure that your users can learn and adapt the new system at their speed, ongoing vendor support, as well as easy-to-access online training materials and tutorials, are important.


When it comes to the price of your ERP program and implementation, there are a few areas to remember.

Return on Investment:  In a few cases, it is possible to evaluate the ROI of a new ERP.

Are there particular fields of industry where modern technologies will achieve cost savings?

A better inventory control, quicker financial closing, manual automation, or time-consuming activities, for instance.

Are there costs of technology, which can be less with the latest ERP? A change in hardware or support, new software license arrangements, or a reduced size of software may help save money.


In addition to software features, many other technical factors are important to an ERP evaluation process. Smartest ERP applications contain, at least, these features of technology:

  • Data security
  • Reporting tool for end-user
  • Ability to integrate
  • Business intelligence
  • Simplicity in UI and UX


Enterprise-level technology and ERP programs surely come with some risk. Along with many of the other criteria on this list (vendor feasibility, selecting the right partner, project planning, expense, executive support), choosing an ERP software with functionality that suits your business goes a long way. In Karachi at least, it reduces risk during the implementation of ERP software.


To avoid risk and ensure success, it is important to control the initial scope of an ERP software implementation. After the original implementation, you will probably have a vision of potential changes.

Consider how the technology suits your business plan both today and down the road when assessing different ERP vendors.

How can the program help the company promote and sustain plans?

Whether plans include expansion, new markets, integrating with another company, if it must link to the new technology you choose for your organization’s strategic path.


Make sure to always ask for references from the ERP vendors to know how well have they performed with their clients previously. Try to ask for references for your organization.

Go live

What is the on-going strategy for help and training? How are you going to manage any problems that arise within the organization? Planning beyond going live will set you up for a full return on your ERP investment, whether it is creating an internal support team or seeking an external partner often your ERP implementation partner will also provide managed support services.

For the most affordable ERP software in Karachi, consider GluonERP. From their service to the commitment with the clients, everything is worth it. Before you make a decision, make sure you research well. It will not only help your company stand out but it will also provide some amazing pricing.

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