DuckDuckGo SEO: How can you improve your website's performance

DuckDuckGo SEO: How can you improve your website’s performance

February 16, 2021

As Internet users are getting more aware of their privacy when they are online, the DuckDuckGo search engine has gained massive success. This is a more secure version of search engines that offers a variety of options for protecting your privacy, unlike any other search engine. This search engine does not track users’ sessions on a permanent basis. 

With the ever-growing popularity of this platform, business owners should also pay more focus on this engine and optimize the website for it. With the help of a professional SEO packages and strategic planning, companies have the opportunity to achieve significant and relevant traffic and also surge their revenue. On this point, it becomes important to know how to improve the website performance for this search engine and get the most out of it. If you don’t know anything about this search engine or you have not used it, here is a brief introduction to this platform:

DuckDuckGo — What’s different in this search engine?

DuckDuckGo is not a new search engine but it has recently gained severe popularity. It was invented in the year 2008 and you would be surprised to know the fact that this platform has an active search base of about 2 billion per month. The reason why this platform is very much popular is because of its goals. They don’t track users as the other search engines do and hence there is no ad targeting.

On the other hand, search engines like Google and Bing actively track their users’ behavior to serve them better ads. On the other side, the DuckDuckGo search engine is a private ecosystem where users get a seamless browsing experience. On this note, let’s understand how to boost a website’s performance with DuckDuckGo SEO.

Creating quality backlinks:

The one major factor which DuckDuckGo uses to gauge the ranking of websites is their backlink profile. When it comes to backlinks, DuckDuckGo is no different from the other search engines and you should focus on generating quality backlinks.

Backlinks are important because they help both the users and search engines to know how genuine a website is. So, while creating backlinks for your website and optimizing it for DuckDuckGo, make sure you are considering all the general practices and guidelines. Avoid buying backlinks or creating low-quality links as it will harm your online reputation. You can run a competitive search and check where your peers are making links so that you can have more opportunities.

Many DuckDuckGo experts say that exact keyword match backlinks work well for this platform as compared to Google or any other search engine. So, it’s worth noting that creating backlinks with exact keyword phrases will bring more benefits.

Search intent matters in DuckDuckGo

When it comes to optimizing keywords for this search engine, you need to be more comprehensive in your approach. Unlike Google or Bing, this platform is able to understand the search intent in a much better way and hence DuckDuckGo delivers more accurate results.

When you are targeting some primary keywords, it’s worth your efforts to do an LSI search also. It will help you arrive at more search results on DuckDuckGo. There are several tools available that can help you generate a lot of LSI for your primary keywords. Or you can hit a search for your primary keyword and just like Google, you will get more keywords that people are searching. DuckDuckGo calls it ‘people also search’. From those keywords, you will get a more detailed idea of trending key phrases that you can use in your content.

DuckDuckGo’s local results are different

If you are into a local business, then optimizing your site for local SEO is a bit different than other search engines. As this advanced search engine is more focused on user’s privacy and does not track users’ location, local results are not that precise on this platform. This search engine uses the default location provided by the browser if you have allowed and based on this, the results are shown to you.

It simply indicates that the local SEO for the DuckDuckGo search engine will be more keyword-focused. For companies where local SEO plays a key role to bring business, then the business owners need to put more effort into optimizing their content to drive traffic. You need to perform local keyword research to have an idea about what are the available keywords that will help you in driving more traffic for sales and business leads.

Good user experience matters

Just like any other search engine, this also pays great attention to user experience and DuckDuckGo wants your website to be good for better performance. Work on the schema markup of your site and on-page optimization of your website’s pages. When the content is easier for users to read and find, then it’s also easier for the search engine to rank it in better positions.

It’s recommended that don’t put unnecessary pop-ads or opt-in forms on your site as it will spoil the user experience. This thumb rule applies to every search engine and you should consider this rule for better performance of your site.

Keep your NAP details consistent

As this platform does not track users for their location, it becomes important to provide accurate details of your business. It will help users to reach you while they are using this private search engine. Make sure your name, address, and phone numbers are consistent across all the touchpoints. It will help you gain more visitors and traffic to your site.

Meta tags for your site

Like Google, Bing, and other search engines, you should practice all the standard guidance while preparing the meta tags for your site. Be it title, meta description, or giving alt tags to the images, make sure you optimize every aspect to give more clarity to both the search engine and the users.

These were the most important points that you need to keep in mind while optimizing your site for DuckDuckGo & improve the overall performance.

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