DIY Post-Winter Hair Solutions

October 9, 2020

Most hair suffers the winter blues with less care but as we transition into spring all that needs to change. Winter can also be very harsh to our hair so we stand a chance of losing some hair and suffering dry scalp that can cause dandruff. Check the following pamper tips to give your damaged winter hair some spring feel and look.


You might also want to spring clean your current shampoo and conditioner to the bin. Look out for the brand that will help you rid the winter damage and give you the right nourishment. Certain brands can strip your hair off the natural oils. Detangle your hair with care before you start the cleansing procedure preferably using hands because it will be easier to do it than when it is wet. When you use a comb do not be aggressive to avoid a lot of breakages.

If you use a brush try a detangling brush because brushing can cause more breakage. Be certain to know if you have a wet hair brush because not all brushes are for wet hair.

Use a wet hair detangling brush straight after a conditioner, if it is not for wet hair the advice is to brush on dry hair. Go ahead and try some hair masks as well for some extra health benefits, they are effective and easy to use. Call in a pro for some tips on product options according to hair type.


Regularly and gently give your scalp a massage for the healthy happy hair right from the roots. We know how the removal of dead skin cells does wonders for our skin so the same rule applies with the scalp. Massage will remove the dead skin cells and increase circulation.

Increased circulation will enhance nourishment as well as healthy hair growth and the best time to do the massage is after the application of a conditioner. To stimulate blood flow you have to apply medium pressure circular motions using your fingers from the hairline all the way to the back. What is the best way to tackle a problem other than from the roots itself?


What to do next after your scalp and hair are cleaned and nourished is also very crucial. After careful consideration of doing the first steps of detangling, washing and scalp technique; we need to understand the do’s and don’ts so we may avoid damage. Remember using a comb and a brush can have a huge impact on the condition of your hair.
Are you looking for a drastic hair change? If your answer to that is a definite yes, now will be a great time to visit your salon and speak to your hair pro. Do the same if you need some hair cut or you need your regular trim to take care of split ends.


Give that hair a break – if you spend the winter months with weaves on now is the good time to give your hair a breather. A whole week before spring starts can get it a bit of a breather it needs, get rid of anything you have on and let it be. No cornrows, no weaves, no wigs and no braids on at least 7 days straight before styling again. If you can stay longer, that is even recommended but it is unfortunate that a week feels like a month to most women.

Do not over-process – a lot of women with relaxed hair have hair problems like weak hair due to over-processing of already relaxed hair. Most do not grow longer but they become thin and break more due to too many chemicals. Before the use of a chemical apply your conditioner on the hair strands for protection of over-processing.

Protect from heat – going back to the relaxed hair we know how the use of hair dryer is normally a must after relaxing. The use of a hair dryer is applying heat to the hair now think about all these processes. Heat application after chemically processed hair, is that not causing further damage to the hair? This might be the exact reason why relaxed hair suffers from weakness and a lack of growth a bit more.
The issues here are not about relaxed hair but the heat you put your hair under. I think many have seen what the use of dryer does to natural hair as well. Stay away from hot water washes and pack away blow dryers, flat irons as well as curling irons.

Air-dry the hair – allowing your hair to air dry first for a few minutes before the use of a dryer so as to cut on heat drying time. Before applying the heat use products that will protect your hair from the harsh heat. If you have a natural hair PLEASE STAY AWAY FROM HAIR DRYER, it’s for your hair’s best interest.

Avoid pulling your hair with styles – permanent hair loss may be your battle if you do tight hair styles. A loss of hairline may also be the result of putting too much pressure.


Do not excessively shampoo or wash your hair because you will not be keeping it clean but stripping it of the much needed natural oils. Like our skin, our hair is also not the best of friends with hot water for cleansing. Try some plant-based oils like coconut for treatment and remember the use of the hair masks as mentioned above. Dyed hair needs extra care with treatment to avoid breakage. The above list of what to do next is some of the common mistakes a lot of us do without the knowledge of how we deny ourselves healthy and happy hair.

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