May 8, 2021

Back links are essential for optimizing search engine ranking, popularity and credibility of your website. They are like weapons to attack your target market through multiple positions and act as a key to income and success as phrased by Famous American Marketing Expert, Jay Abraham: “If you are attacking your market from multiple positions and your competition isn’t, you have all the advantage and it will show up in your increased success and income.” Given its significance this chapter is dedicated to have a further in-dept knowledge about importance of back links and popular strategies to develop back links.

“In technical terminology, a back link is defined as any link received by one web node (a web page, a directory, or a website) from another web node” Generally speaking back links are basically incoming links from somewhere else to a website or web page. Often termed as inboundlinks, in links, inward links, and incoming links, these links are vitally important for search engine optimization (SEO) and increasing web traffic.

Now the question is how back links improves search engine rankings of your website and increases web traffic? Here are some obvious reasons. The number of back links to a website indicates the popularity or importance of that website or page. It shows that how often your website is being visited. The higher number of back links manifests that your site is being visited by large number of audience increasing the likeability of your site. Back links are essential for Search engine Optimization (SEO). Search engines often consider back links as one of the important factor and use the number of back links that a website has for determining that website’s search engine ranking, popularity and importance.Also search engines like Google uses back links to determine the Page Rank of a webpage so a high number of back links can improve your website’s visibility. Quality back links are also a source of generating quality traffic to your sites. For example when your website is linked to the pages that have contents related to your website, there are high chances to drive authentic targeted audience to your web page, which in turn may increase your companies credibility and preference. The more quality back links that a website has, the more visitors will trust, view, and visit the site and eventually convert into purchasers and sources of profits for your business.

It is imperative for a marketer to create quality back links. There are several methodologies but our focus in this text would be on creating back links with reference to article marketing, as article marketing is one of the popular ways to get quality back links. Here are some constructive strategies:

Articles serve as “Cold Call” to your website. The more informative your article would be, the more are the chances of people liking it, trusting you and visiting your website. So ‘Never Compromise On The Quality of Your Content’. Appropriate Anchor Resource Box: Anchor resource box is the best way to generate back links. It is essential for a marketer to know how to create a proper anchor text and resource box. A detailed overview will be presented in one of the later chapters.

You can do this by taking advantage of certain tools like Back link Binder tools that gives you a list of popular sites where you can post your articles for free. But why for free? It is because these web sites need quality contents. You submit your articles there for free and in return they can link back to your website. Getting listed in Article Directories: There are several popular article directories like e-zine where you can submit your article. This is a great way to get multiple links back and create the positive momentum of traffic leading back to your website. Hence, it is clear that the more the number of back links the more are your chances of success but never link to irrelevant or non popular websites As if you link to irrelevant sites, the search engine crawlers take this as a spamming and cut you off their search. Hence it would be disastrous in your way to obtain a good page rank.

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