7 Strategies on How to Motivate Your Employees

December 6, 2020

Your employees may not be as motivated as you are. The word motivation derives from the word motive which means desires, wants, needs or drives within the individuals. Motivation is a process of stimulating people’s actions to accomplish the set goals. For a company to meet its set goals, the workforce has to be motivated. Having motivated employees can lead to increased productivity and allow the business to achieve higher levels of output. Motivating your employees does not have to be a problem to you, here are some tips on how to motivate your workforce.

1. Improve communication
The easiest way to motivate your employees is by having positive communication at the workplace. It is one of the key to the 7 strategies on how to motivate your employees. Not relying only on emails but spend a short period of time each day to have a word with your employees, discussing things from concerns to ideas. Try setting aside a few minutes of your time each day to talk with employees or you can join them during breaks instead of sitting alone in your office.

By doing so, you actually make employees feel as part and parcel of the organisation. Experts agree that team communication is super valuable. You are not the only one who wants to see the company succeeding, employees also want to see the company that they are working for succeed. Many have excellent ideas, ranging from money saving to operational improvements. So, use a two-way communication method.

2. Rewards
Rewarding employees in an organization is very important in the sense that it spurs people to work harder and be more productive. There is a saying that “people will always go an extra mile when they know they are appreciated,” There will be times when it takes more than just a pat on the back. You have to try giving simple incentives when rewarding engaged employees. Rewarding employees is argued to be one of the best 7 strategies on how to motivate your employees. It does not have to do with money of the time, simple things like having a good meal at work would be sufficient. Rewarding employees could also be a part of the company benefits.

3. Create a positive work environment
In some cases, employees lack motivation because their workplace does not have a positive work environment. You have to know that your employees spend much of their time working for you. So, try to make the workplace as friendly and appealing as possible. You can send out surveys and get feedback from employees in order to solve the issues that they may face. When you create a pleasing atmosphere where it is welcoming and comfortable, your employees will be more than eager to go to work every day. A workplace should be interacting and engaging in which employees have the opportunity to share new ideas and explore new ways of developments and stay motivated.

4. Set Realistic Goals
Goal setting and its influence on employee behavior and performance has been widely researched and discussed. When setting goals for your workforce you will have to think like them and set realistic targets. Setting unrealistic goals won’t only affect the productivity of the workforce but it will also demotivate them too. Employees who have a path set before them that may lead to promotion can work towards a goal. Achievable goals are very helpful as it gives employees the drive to work harder without being asked.

5 .Recognize employees’ achievement
It is considered as one of the 7 strategies on how to motivate your employees. Sometimes employees don’t want money but recognition for a job well done. If an employee has been putting in a lot of time working on a project do not hesitate to praise them. Recognizing what employees have achieved after a certain period is very vital when it comes to making them stay motivated.

You have to know that everyone wants to be recognized for something they have done regardless if it was for work or personal achievement. An acknowledgement or praise for a job well done coming from the Management means a lot to employees than you think. Always remember to give credit where there is need for one.

6. Be Transparent
Transparency is another one of the 7 strategies on how to motivate your employees .Having insight into how business is going makes your employees more invested. You have to be open with employees about what is happening at the highest level so there will be no surprises and everyone has a chance to ask questions and give feedback. So, you have to make a point to share this data with them on a consistent basis. Having access to this information not only makes your employees feel like they are a vital part of the business, it also aids in pointing out areas where things could be enhanced.

7. Offer food in the workplace
If your budget permits you, offer food at work to your employees. You have to know that nobody works well when they are hungry. It seems so simple, but sometimes all you have to do to make people happy is to offer them food. Offering food in the work place is one of the 7 strategies on how to motivate your employees. When an employer pays attention to his or her employees’ physical needs, the employees can get the impression that they care about them.

In conclusion we can safely say positive workplace is the simplest way to get your company to the top. It may be time consuming and difficult to encourage employee motivation at the workplace. However, in order to achieve a high level of employee productivity, you have to encourage a positive workplace environment.

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