May 8, 2021

Throughout our previous discussions we have explored several ways on creating effective article contents which are essential to ensure the quality of the article itself. Also we have discussed in detail various strategies that can enhance web traffic and in turn promote sales. Lets’ discuss the second step of article marketing process which is ‘Article Submission’. The challenge for a marketer now is where to submit articles to ensure maximum viewership. Even if your articles are very well written and are SEO focused but it must reach to valuable platforms to increase the chances of getting to masses of potential customers and help you generate an outstanding response rate. Now the question is where to submit your articles to get maximum exposure? Listed below are some of the valuable platforms where you can submit your articles:

There are thousands of websites available that source articles from writers. You can search for sites related to your article and submit it to these sites. This is a good opportunity to get to your targeted customers.

You can search for online publishers that have publications in the categories relevant to your article and submit your article to them. All you need to do is write a letter to publishers enquiring if they would be willing to publish you. In order to get their acceptance you need to have a high quality content that is informational and authentic and that generates publisher’s as well as viewers’ interest. The more interesting your article, the more people will visit to the publishers site and read your article and the more will be the chances of them finally landing to your own websites by clicking on the link provided in that article. Also posting to these publications will help you reach to millions of potential customers as the people who read your articles have already subscribed to and agreed to receive related contents.


There are millions of blogs available on the Internet on different categories, and usually about 40,000 new blogs are being added to them every day. Posting your articles to these blogs may promote your business properly. Hence, you can attract thousands of more potential customers to your website possibly daily.

There are numerous free forms available online that welcome new members. You can find ones that are relevant to your website and publish your article. Forums are good place to gain maximum exposure but again to build credibility quality content is essentially important.

You can also submit your articles to various free or fee based article distribution sites. These sites will in turn distribute your article to a number of leading article publishers and content providers. When you submit your articles to these distribution sites, it will raise your chances of reaching to millions of your targeted audience as these sites will sent your article to hundreds of ezines, newsletters, groups, websites and other publications in the relevant categories.

Articles directories are the most popular and valuable outlets for your articles. Submitting your articles to related and reputable directories can generate millions of traffic to your website. Not only that, it will also help you to boost SEO rankings.

Above were the few platforms where you can submit your articles. Out of which articles directory is the most crucial and valuable outlet, we will explore in further detail how to promote article marketing utilizing article directories in the next chapter.

We have already mentioned in the previous chapter, that submitting articles to articles directories is vital to generate a successful article marketing campaign. Below we will discuss the benefits of article directories and a few tactics to extract maximum advantage of article directories.

Submitting articles to article directories may help marketers to reach millions of targeted customers as via article directories your article can be sent to thousands of publications, related websites and directories. Popular article directories are also considered as authority sites by search engines, which not only results in submitted articles receiving substantial free traffic. But also can improve your websites web page ranking by popular search engines. Article directories can make your message go viral online as most article directories allow other webmasters to republish or reprint any of the articles within their directory, usually in other additional directories, blogs, and niche websites.

Most of the directories use the article title as the webpage title; thus mounting the chances of targeted web traffic landing to your webpage. Anchor text is the primary value of links from the article directories, as most of the article directories allow the author to select the anchor text of the link in the author resource box, thus increasing the chances of your websites visibility. Furthermore, article directories help you achieve long term existence as your articles will stay in the archives of thousands of publications and sites for years, continuing to send more and more potential customers to your website, increasing your websites popularity. Usually article directories are free marketing sources to generate traffic


Listed below are few of the tips that will help you to take complete advantage of article directories. These include: Always select directories that are related to your content and also those that are reputable. Many online directories have certain rules, always stick to them. Be consistent in writing new and updated articles regularly. Never forget to include a compelling author resource box and link back to your website before submitting it to the directories. Also online marketers in order to maximize the efficiency of article marketing campaign may submit articles to multiple article directories. Now the question is how to prevent duplicity? You can do this by Article Spinning. That is by creating multiple variations of articles to avoid duplicity. These are few of the tactics to generate optimal results from article directories. However, it is essential to mention here that submitting articles to hundreds of individual directories is a time consuming and tedious job, so to overcome that you can use various software available today that submit articles automatically to directories, or more efficiently you can opt for Article Marketing Automation. In the next chapter we will have a complete insight on Article Marketing Automation.

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