2021 marketing trends you need to know

January 13, 2021

2020 was a challenging year for everyone. Because of Covid-19, all companies needed to reinvent themselves and everything we are already tired of reading and listening around. However, in these reinventions, many surprises happened, and new behaviors became common. So we decided to create this content with marketing trends for 2021.

Here, we seek to understand what were the solutions that the companies gave to the new buying behaviors of the market and what worked very well to arrive at a scenario in which the trends that we will point out here will be fundamental not only to have a brand that is competing strategically but not to is left behind.

The 2021 marketing trends have already started, and you need to take action. 

Growth hacking

It is not just today that the growth hacking strategy is in the sights of companies that are looking for solutions to grow. The term began to appear in 2012, and in recent times it has reached great peaks at critical moments of the pandemic. That’s because applying growth hacking proved to be an excellent solution to help overcome the most diverse crises. Note the mentions of the term, according to Google Trends.

Many of your competitors will likely bet on aggressive strategies at the beginning of the year since everyone will be running after the losses. To not be left behind, you can adopt some practices of the growth methodology, such as applying tests and experiments, creative marketing, strategic planning, data use, software engineering, and developing growth cycles, for example.

Besides, as it was a general term, many brands will likely already start the new year with the figure of growth hacker as a strategic point in decision-making. 

Lives and webinars 

Since we are talking about video events, lives and webinars have also become a marketing trend for 2021. Videos have been a trend in digital marketing strategies in recent years and have been growing a lot. But, it was in 2020 that there was an explosion, and we saw a large number of lives grow.

Notice how the term “webinar” behaved in 2020. Although it has fallen in recent months, it closes the year higher than when it started. Thus, this may become a trend for the coming years since much has been learned from this strategy.

 It will depend a lot on your persona’s behavior, and therefore, remember to update yours, especially for 2021, since so many new actions have changed over the year.

According to a survey conducted by Semrush, a statistic points out that there is a 53x more chance of a video appearing in the top positions of a Google search. Thus, the clickthrough rate on videos reaches 41% higher. Also, a 70% greater chance that a potential lead will remember your brand after watching a video.

SEO and Digital Presence

And since we mentioned Google earlier, we need to talk about SEO. If you tried to optimize your Search Engine Optimization strategies in 2020, congratulations! You did your homework, but if not. I have bad news about your company.

A survey was conducted that showed that 91.56% of respondents accessed the internet every day in June/July 2020. Although the data reveal statistics for the sixth month of the year only, it is likely to close in the other periods.

  So while SEO has been a trend in recent years, for 2021, more than ever, remember to focus on your search engine optimization strategy.

Artificial intelligence

One of the most disruptive factors we have discussed here is artificial intelligence in favor of Marketing. After all, it has been changing the way brands talk to their audience.

To exemplify: Gartner’s studies predict that in 2020 about 85% of the interactions of brands with consumers will be made by AI. And even the content generation of companies follows these changes.

Data-driven Marketing and Sales

In addition to strategies, campaigns, and automation, digital marketing must be data-driven. That is, data-driven. This is where Marketing BI comes in, with the intelligence to perform accurate analyzes that optimize and enhance campaign performances. 

One of Digital Marketing’s main advantages is that everything is measured and stored in it, so there is always data to be analyzed.

If in your company’s marketing this work has been neglected and done roughly, then you are doing it wrong!

Know that you are missing out on valuable opportunities to transform your business sales.

But this reality changes here. What it involves, its main advantages, how to apply it to your company, tools and mainly, you will receive tips from working it.


Thus, having a structured and strategic digital presence will be essential for companies of any size or area. More than ever, being able to be found by search engines will be a point of attention to pay attention to in 2021. As well as market trends about real estate marketing are also overgrowing in 2021.

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