10 Beauty Benefits of Getting Enough Sleep

February 20, 2019

Our body repairs, restores and re-energize when we sleep. Sleep is an essential that our body needs for many health reasons. A beauty sleep is what we normally call it and it does wonders to how we look. We benefit healthier skin, hair, great appearance and overall body health. We have busy schedules and deadlines that take away the 8 hours that is recommended. In this article we look into how the body repairs itself during our sleep and why we should fight for at least 7 hours or more of solid sleep.

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1. Beautiful appearance
Just by looking at you when you have lack of sleep , you hear people say you look tired. You get swollen red eyes, sagging eye lids and pale skin. I normally get all these when I wake up after only 2hrs of sleep. My skin will be so pale like I have no blood at all and the eyes are not only swollen but they feel like they are full of small stones inside. You will look grumpy and ugly if you didn’t sleep enough especially in the mornings. It only takes enough sleep to cure all this horrible appearance.

2. Healthy glow
We get enough blood flowing to our face skin while we sleep and that gives us the glowing skin and radiating complexion that we fight for everyday. During sleep the old skin cells will be renewed and replaced with new ones. No sleep no glow simple!!

3. Boosts the products
We use different products for both healthy skin and healthy hair so we also need to do our part in helping them work better and effectively. We can do so by a combination of diet and enough rest. We might use the most expensive products for the best appearance but with sleep deprivation you will not get the complete beautiful appearance you are looking for. The night serums will do a better job in your solid sleep while the day ones will do better with a more relaxed naturally rejuvenated skin.

3. Healthy hair
When you are sleep deprived you might suffer hair loss or breakage, weak hair and no growth. On the article I wrote about foods to enhance hair growth I emphasised how important it is to eat foods that promotes circulation. Just like we need blood to flow to our face skin we also need it to flow to the scalp for healthy hair follicles and for a natural glossy hair. Nothing will get that blood flow to the right places that enough sleep. Whatever your choice might be this is a remedy for either beautiful natural short hair, fuller & shinier hair or for longer hair.

4. Less fine lines
Lack of sleep will get you twice as many wrinkles. As we age we cannot avoid the fine lines but we can fight to slow them down and reduce their appearance. The skin will recover the moisture in our sleep as the body rebalances hydration. Related article How-to-get-rid-of-wrinkles-on-your-face

5. Youthful look
Our skin goes through the most during the day and sleeping will help it to recover from that. While we sleep, the blood flow is increased, the skin will start to repair itself and  the production of collagen is stimulated. Collagen is a protein that our skin need to stay youthful keeping it firm and smooth. Would you rather buy expensive products/creams that promote collagen and collagen supplements or sleep your way to naturally rebuilding it?

6. Beautiful eyes
Sleep deprivation will give you puffy eyes, dark circles and eye bags. These are the common problems and obvious issues of no sleep. The skin discolouration around the eyes gets worse with lack of sleep. Try to elevate your pillow so that fluids don’t gather around your eyes. At times you will look like you smoking weed if you don’t sleep enough with eyes looking red. Imagine red scary eyes with make-up!!!  

7. Body toner
Sleep rebuilds the muscles and when you work out it will help you get more in shape.

8. Energy booster
Enough sleep will help your body to stay energised. If you have energy you can exercise more and exercise will directly impact on your skin.

9. Less risk of weight gain
Based on individual preferences we feel beautiful when we are a certain body size. People would normally find comfort in food when they are suffering from insomnia or choose to stay up due to things like TV. We run a risk of weight gain because this will lead to unhealthy snacking and drinking of alcohol. Research also shows that lack of sleep can cause weight gain and that we actually burn more calories while we sleep.

10. Strong nails
Collagen that is rebuild during sleep help to promote healthy nails that brittle less and with less cracking. It might stimulate growth If you are looking to grow your nails.

Note: If you deprive yourself of a good night sleep , remember hanging eyes, dull skin, looking older and all the horrible things that might affect your natural beauty. 

Tips for better beauty sleep

  • Drink water
  • Wash your face every night & use your night serums
  • Set the correct room temperature
  • Check your lighting
  • Get at least 7 hrs or more of sleep
  • Avoid alcohol before bed (it dehydrates you)
  • Rearrange your bedroom

Ever thought that a good night sleep might be the answer to your beauty problems? Try it, change your sleeping patterns in conjunction with all your beauty routines. 

                                    **SLEEP YOUR WAY TO YOUR BEAUTY**

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