Small Business Ideas for Women at Home.

March 4, 2020

There are many business ideas that exist which women who are at home can use to start up a small business. Women have many talents in them and sometimes need help narrowing down what we want to do. Here are some ideas that women can use to start earning from home:

Blogging is the number one business idea because that is what many women are doing. Many women who are into blogging today were inspired by other moms who enjoy blogging as a business and also have the advantage of staying home to raise their kids at the same time. Blogging is one of the favorite forms of passive income. People make money just for people reading their articles from ads. When you get a good sum of individuals browsing your articles it brings in a nice income. It’s not a requirement to be an excellent writer for one to turn out to be a blogger.

Affiliate Marketing
This falls under blogging but because it is also such a great way to make money whilst you are home, so I am going to mention it again. Do you know what Affiliate Marketing is? Many people had no clue before they started blogging, and now it is their favorite way to make money. Do you know how you commend unlike goods or places to friends? Well, now you can get paid for it! Affiliate marketing is the process by which someone earns a commission for marketing the company’s products or another person’s products. The affiliate simply searches for a product they enjoy, then promotes that product and earns a piece of the profit from each sale they make.

Freelance Writing
Freelance writing is the exercise of writing for cash whilst working on one’s own and not like being employed by a company. The Freelance writers produce whatsoever written text is wanted by their regulars, working from home or in a rented office. From the current findings, we could conclude that the majority of freelance writers make around R24 per word or almost half of the average found above. The Upper ten percent of the freelance writers have it extremely well, making more than four times the average pay of R5 per word. So, anyone can be a freelance writer and earn some money.

Do you see yourself good at catching errors when reading written articles of publications? Do you cringe when you see grammar mistakes? If so, you might make a great Proof-reader. Proof-readers are needed because many people use them. So one can learn the skills needed to start your freelance proofreading hustle and start earning something for yourself.

Flip Items from Flea Markets and Thrift Shops
Thrift store flipping is when you purchase items from thrift stores intending to resell them. You can resell them either in person or online using apps, classifieds, and community forums. Easiest items to flip for a profit are designer brands, collectibles, records, furniture, video games, and consoles.

Start a Baby Equipment Rental Business
Many of those wanting to make a little extra money from home look into rental business ideas at some point. This business opportunity can offer good returns as you can invest in equipment once and rent it over and over again for the life of the product. In many cases, you can even start with items you already have on hand.

Create an Online Store with Drop Shipping
Drop-shipping is a method where you can sell third-party products from a Drop Shipping Company without ever seeing or shipping the item. When you make a sale, the product is shipped directly to the customer from the drop shipper. Your profit is the difference between what you charge your customers and what the drop shipping company charges you.

Medical transcriptions sometimes referred to as healthcare documentation specialists, listen to voice recordings that physicians and other healthcare workers make and convert them into written reports. They also may review and edit medical documents created using speech recognition technology. This is a great job based on its flexibility and pay. Transcriptions listen to audio files and type what they hear. Consider a career in Transcription with a Free Mini-Course.

Tutor or Teach

Online teaching is growing thanks to the advancements in technology, and it is an excellent way to make money at home if you have teaching experience or knowledge of a specific subject. For these positions, you will need some previous experience teaching, mentoring, or tutoring. If you do not have experience try volunteering at your church in the children’s department or your local school it will help you.

In-home Childcare.
If you love children and have a passion to impact a young life, this is a great opportunity to start an in-home childcare business. You also get the added benefit of playtime and socialization with your kids.

To get started I recommend taking a neat Childcare course so that you will be equipped with all the required skills for In-home childcare.

The amount you can make varies on location but you could charge R200 a day which turns out to R6000 a month (assuming it is for eight hours a day) for one kid. Feel free to raise your prices to stay competitive with the day-cares in your area.

Important to Note: Make sure you add childcare endorsement to your home owner’s insurance in case someone gets hurt and check your State regulations on the number of children you can care for without a license.

Social Media Manager
Are you on Social Media and think you would like to post on behalf of businesses, respond to inquiries, messages, and comments (both good and bad) from the comfort of your home? If so, consider becoming a Social Media Manager (SMM). Depending on how many clients you have you could make anywhere from 14000 ZAR to 140000 ZAR a month or more.

Interior Decorator
Do you have those creative genes to decorate rooms and arrange the furniture? To become an Interior Decorator (this is different from Interior Designer) I recommend starting a website, take quality photos of your work, ask friends and family if you can work for them at no charge to help add to your portfolio. Once you have created a polished visualization of your work you can then start to charge for your services.

You can make anywhere from R500 – R1500 per hour as an Interior Decorator, and as an Interior Designer, you can make six-figures or more.

Start a Laundry Business
Many business ideas exist yes, that is right, Laundry. You can make up to R30000 a week for doing it. Laundry is an ongoing chore that we all do, but for some who do not have the time but do have the money, outsourcing is the new normal. Which opens a door for other people who can offer that service. It is easy to start a laundry business. It is all about being in a strategic location, having all machines working, good and friendly staff, keeping your customers happy, and managing the books well are the key to be successful in the laundry business.

Another great thing is to look into your passion or hobbies as that can be a hobby that brings in some income as well. I have come to see some women turning their hobbies into small businesses. Your business might be right in front of your eyes or sitting in the palm of your hands. Be smart enough to realize that not all will work but ponder on that.

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