Online Reviews Generate Revenue for Academic Service Providers

March 31, 2021

:4+ Ratings and Positive Reviews Are the Key to Better Revenue

If the statistics are to be believed, then for 9 out of 10 customers, online reviews are as crucial as personal recommendations. Thus, each business, be it an IT service or academic service provider, has to explore ways to offer better service. Most importantly, they have to stay true to their words, as stated on the website. 

In this write-up, we will focus on how online ratings and reviews influence revenue. For this purpose, we are going to consider educational service providers.

Social Evidence Drives Purchases

Students, in the hope of exemplary grades and better guidance, avail themselves of academic assistance. If the academic writing service offers top-notch write-up, on-time delivery, full cooperation at a reasonable rate, the student writes a positive review. When a new academic assistance seeker browses through Trustpilot, Sitejabber,,, and other review platforms, he or she gets to read the reviews. 

As you can imagine, a positive review will definitely lead the students to your website. The more positive reviews, the more assignment help orders you will receive. Understandably, the revenue will also increase. As per research, trust boots sales by an average of 18%. And we are going to analyze this fact in the next section.


Taking a Look at Examples 

Here, we will consider a few academic service providers and check the reviews and ratings online. has a consumer rating of 3.77 stars on and it is based on 536 reviews. As per the students, the experts offer top-notch write-up, well within the deadline. Moreover, they get to enjoy attractive perks such as signup bonus, discounts, etc. Here are some MyAssignmenthelp reviews.



As per the manger, “The reviews mean a lot to us. Even when we receive negative reviews, we acknowledge it and try to figure out what went wrong. It is our responsibility to deliver the best service as the students are dependent on our expertise. We receive tons of assignment help requests due to the positive reviews on Quora, Google, Sitejabber, etc. Not to forget, these reviews are crucial for the revenue generated.” is a household name in the educational service provider industry. Lately, the service provider has been receiving many assignment solving requests from the students. The latter claim that the experts provide A+ grade quality work, timely assistance, proofreading assistance, plagiarism and a plethora of other features.

As per, the company has a rating of 4 out of 5. As far as the online reviews are concerned, check out the following testimonials:



As per one of the professional experts associated with, “the COVID pandemic has been hard for everyone. Fortunately, the students have trusted our service and have relied on us for assignment assistance. We make sure that we don’t let down our loyal customers and try to cater to each of their requirements.”


Furthermore, online reviews:

  • Improves Visibility

This point is quite obvious. Students look for essay writing services, on Google, Bing, Facebook, etc., when deciding where to buy assignments. These websites all have their own ways of indexing and surfacing content, but they all appreciate original and fresh content. And, consumer feedback will certainly help fuel the content machine, holding your brand in the algorithm’s favour.

The same principle is applicable when the students search for online reviews to make a decision. Thus, if you are running an educational service provider business, it is imperative that you ask the customers to leave a review behind in all the major platforms, if possible. As per the statistics, when the brand is presented on all significant platforms, the revenue increases by 23%.

  • Makes the Brand/Service Legitimate

A steady stream of favourable feedback will help your brand gain considerable confidence and reputation.The importance of feedback in establishing your company’s online identity is one of the more intriguing results of recent research.

Many customers are wary of companies with ratings less than four stars. This leaves a slight margin of error at the top, but businesses with higher average scores are much more likely to see traffic and revenue conversions.

Apart from the reviews, the students at universities suggest the name of the service to their peers. The way they speak about the brand is also important. Over the years,,, have expanded their footprint as the students recommended it to their batchmates juniors.

As you can see, reviews are extremely helpful for the economic growth of any business, in this case, the educational service providers. If you are not listed on the review platforms, you should make a request to the websites, to get started today. Just send an email and follow the required procedures. Soon, reviews about your company will be displayed.

Author Bio: Ricky is a digital marketing expert and he has been associated with several reputed firms over the years. At present, he is associated with, where he is looking after the online marketing. He also has  his own blog site where  he shares tactics on how a business can grow online.

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