How to reduce fuel costs – Driving style and invigorating tips for drivers

January 17, 2021

A truck driver must drive safely and follow traffic rules. But it also bears the responsibility of profitable consumption. A truck driver must know techniques to teach to those who drive the trucks equipped by the company. Reducing operating costs is, of course, an interest. A considerable percentage here is also related to the level of fuel used.

Remember that driving economically does not mean short trips. It refers to driving at a higher gear, the highest possible, technically speaking, with adapted speed. The aim is to reduce the fuel used, but also to reduce the risk of accidents. There is interest in how much fuel is used and because it pollutes, affects the profit, and imposes the need to manage it in the best possible way.

Truck manufacturers boast of all sorts of systems they have strived to implement to help drivers make a profitable consumption – what good is it if drivers don’t know about it or don’t use it properly. In general, their knowledge also involves a change in driving style, traffic behavior, and skepticism of those who feel good only based on what they know, as before.

The recommendation of specialists is to follow modern technology, to take advantage of this context and as a result of adapting to these changes which are, in the end, beneficial. By continually learning, we manage to keep up with such new measures.

The importance of adopting these measures

 Surveys say that the difference in consumption can be at least 0.5% and up to 20% on the fuel bill. Therefore, it is useful to drivers. Any company should rely on training offered to all truck drivers in truck driving school, regardless of their degree of experience in driving trucks. It’s about updates, not about overshadowing their knowledge.

To the surprise of many, it is also about seemingly simple measures, prevention, and behavior that is not only related to driving.

Check the pressure in the tyres.

Every driver knows this – no matter what type of car they drive, they should check the pressure before leaving. This reduces fuel consumption, tire wear, and ultimately provides greater efficiency when driving and braking.

Use, depending on the given situations, conditions, all gears.
Optimize the use of the service brake.
The truck has an auxiliary speed reduction system, retarder, intarder, so it is recommended to use it where possible and necessary.
Cruise Control / Cruise Control
The cruise control system can also be used to accelerate.
Do not force the mechanical part of the truck, driving efficiently and safely.
Operating and setting adaptive and intelligent controls on the speed control system is an important thing to learn.
I am driving preventively, anticipating traffic.

The driver must be informed of the condition of the road in the permit. This will avoid slowdowns or those pointless stops. Usually, truck drivers do not go on the road without well-tuned stations.

Idle management is recommended.

If the engine is not needed, it will be stopped.

I am studying to learn the best torque.

For car park managers

Operating costs are not just left to those who drive the trucks. Their maintenance also depends on management decisions. So, at the level of car park managers, here are other tips to help:

Optimal truck maintenance intervals – everything that is postponed will eventually cost more. Maintenance work is cheaper than troubleshooting. Besides, where a truck is already damaged and needs repair, there will be downtime for the driver.

Correctly adjusted aerodynamic elements – the spoiler on the cab, for example.

A tire management program may sound useless at first glance, but this plan helps prolong the tires’ life and, therefore, the investment rationale. For example, the wheels’ geometry is done on the whole assembly and not only on the tractor head.

Monitor drivers, correct them, but offer rewards – monitoring systems for driver behavior and truck performance are suitable for correcting – where appropriate – the way drivers do their job. Corrective feedback is preferable, not negative feedback. You can also always offer rewards to influence drivers to adopt the techniques they hear about in training.

Another effective method is the one related to the training courses offered to drivers. Such an investment has long-term influences. Truck manufacturers support such courses, which is more than practical, to learn directly from those who have thought and implemented the systems.

Drivers’ opinion

Sometimes, up-to-date knowledge is not put into practice if the driver’s condition is not appropriate. We remind you of the need for them always to be energetic and rested.

  •        Proper nutrition prevents drowsiness while driving.
    It is essential to follow the diet plan of 3 meals and two snacks. Diversification, hydration also help a body’s efficiency, which will not mean a state of drowsiness after a meal, as a sign of difficult digestion.
  •        Break planning
    Please do not force the note because what you think saves time brings a significant risk of an accident.
  •        Avoid alcohol, even from various products – chocolate with alcohol content or similar.
    It is a basic rule not to consume alcohol. Besides, some products with low alcohol content may still influence alertness. You are behind the wheel, no joke.
  •        Beware of medication
    There are many, if not all, drugs that have side effects. Some even have this specification related to the influence of driving condition and ability. Pay attention to what you consume.
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