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April 6, 2021

Do you want to fix your clogged drain? Need a baby-sitter? No time to walk your dog? All these and much more can be done in a few taps when you have the House-call clone app. Yes. All-in-one app, manage everything, anything from anywhere with House-call clone app. No need to have 10 different apps to handle your day-to-day chores, just one app, and you are sorted.

What Is House-call Clone App?

House-call clone app is a replica of the original House-call app that originated intending to provide on-demand delivery services to the customers who wanted to fix their repairing and relevant tasks. The app started on a minimum scale now increased its service offering length by accommodating 20+ different on-demand services.

The House-call clone app is a similar app that comes with lookalike navigation, functionality, and look making it all convenient by offering on-demand home-based services.

If you are enthusiastic to invest in the on-demand book everything in 1 app but have second doubts, this blog will certainly help. The blog covers the significant pointers of why venturing in the House-call Clone app, features, and the proven strategies to make your app successful.

Why You Should Venture In House-call Clone App?

The competition is becoming stiff with time especially with the on-demand service apps. Therefore, investing in this on-demand sector will be always profitable. The prominent reasons are:

  • Convenience and easy access are two main USP of this app that attracts customers to download
  • People want everything streamlined and easy-to-manage chores and the House-call clone app does that
  • The increasing demand for minor repairs and maintenance of day to day stuff has risen the popularity of this app.

Features To Consider When Developing On-Demand House-call Clone App

Your app will have the full attention of your user when they find it easy to use. Not all are tech person, thus it is important to make sure that the app is equipped with the features that are useful and basic to understand for a common user. Some of the must-have features are:

Easy login-registration process

Users do not like filling in lengthy details. Make them easy for them by offering social media login registration.

Simple navigation

Your users will ditch your app at the very moment when they find it complex and confusing to browse. The navigation has to be easy and seamless. Provide everything on the front page with minimum browsing.


Just because it is a clone app you do not have to copy it entirely. Have customized features suiting your customer’s preferences and expectations.  By personalizing the app, they will feel heard and welcome that you care to develop an app that is helping them.

Push notifications

Let your users know if there is news to share – whether it is promo deals you are pitching or new launch offers, or some new service provider is getting listed, make your users aware through the push notification feature.

Easy payment options

Integrate a hassle-free payment getaway in your House-call clone app so that your users can make payments through multiple payment options.

Data security

The must-have thing, that assures your users that their data will not be used and shared. Having implemented the right safety measures will build your brand visibility knowing that you are trust-able to work.

In-app chat facility

These features help improve your app performance and overall increases the ratings. By hearing and taking action on your customer’s queries and concerns will let you know about the loopholes and help to correct the same. It makes your users happy knowing that you have heard them.

Proven Strategies to Make Your House-call Clone App Successful

An app like House-call for home-based services is already in demand. We discuss here the proven strategies so that you can build a successful one for your business:

Knowing customer’s expectations

It is very easy to build a clone app, having all bells and whistles but, have you ever thought about what your customers are seeking? Knowing your customer choices, preferences and expectation can lead you to develop a useful app that helps them in getting their chores done in a jiffy.

Know what kind of services they prefer, their spending budget, time-slots, preferences during holidays, etc.

Offering timely service

Timing is everything. Your customers do not like to wait, resulting in negative ratings – not good for your app. Because it is an on-demand app, the delivery service provided must be before or on time.

Customer engagement

Your customers are the one that makes or breaks your app. It is as simple as that. Engaging with your customer on regular basis can make your app successful. It acts as a word of mouth, connect with them through different social media platforms, or by answering their queries or through push notifications. Keeping in touch is important.

Wrapping Up

The House-call clone app is a customer-centric app solution that is ever-rising. The home-based services will be always in demand as long as the features are useful.  The app helps in finding suitable home-based services for users from their nearby locations. Collaborate with the top mobile app development company to build you a unique, innovative featured House-call clone app according to your business requirements and budget.

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