Best Nephrology EHR Software In 2021

April 12, 2021

Every medical practice has its own requirements, hence the need for specific EHR Software suitable for each. Each setup calls for a different set of tools and features, depending on their type. To maximize your chances of finding the right EHR Software, you need to look out for an EHR designed for your practice type. 

Why should you use customized EHR Software for Nephrology?

The Best Nephrology EHR Software can handle a complete range of kidney-related issues, including receiving and analyzing different lab tests and kidneys’ images. Nephrology EHR software considers whether you are treating the patient with a condition-based approach or a symptom-based one. It also offers appropriate emergency notifications in case of patients at risk.

Nephrology EHR software is also well integrated with various devices and other software to carry out technical procedures, including ultrasounds, CT scans, and MRIs. Another significant advantage of nephrology EHR Software is its ability to integrate with the dialysis equipment and allowing advanced dialysis tracking.

Key Features of Nephrology EHR Software

Best EHR Softwares helps you in the following ways.

Patient Management

The top EHR for nephrologists assists you with managing your patients by location and shift. This streamlines workflow and promotes healthcare facilities for patients. 

Organized Data

The main advantage of nephrology-specific EHR is that it provides organized data regarding dialysis rounds of your patients. It gives an accurate and precise analysis of all patients with less than four visits logged for the month. Along with this, it timely notifies you when a patient changes or cancels their appointment. 

Clinical Notes

The best Nephrology EHR Software provides features and tools that streamline the documentation process. The advanced tools help you create notes with a single click.

Total Integration

Top Nephrology EHR Software is fully integrated with other devices and software such as dialysis equipment to streamline workflow. 

Top Nephrology EHR software in 2021

Following are the top EHR Software for Nephrology that you can choose based on your requirements.

Praxis EHR Software

Praxis EHR is one of the top EHR software for Nephrology that provides both web-based and on-premise arrangements. Praxis is most suitable for small and mid-sized setups and is a template-free EHR Software in which Artificial Intelligence (AI) allows you to practice according to your own personal style. It is known for streamlining workflow and improving the quality of health care.

Praxis EHR software provides various features, including tracking extensive lab tests such as urinalysis and BUN, blood levels. Its diagnostic test and imaging features allow you to effortlessly record GFR’s, urine cultures, biopsies, and other results. Praxis also offers to integrate with previous lab results to give you a comprehensive analysis of your patient’s history along with providing a summary of kidney risk profiles.

Overall, Praxis is an excellent, budget-friendly option for nephrologists as it lets you consult different kidney disorders, treat them, and document them.

Acumen EHR Software

Acumen EHR Software provides a patient portal for the patients to access and review their health records and communicate with you. They can schedule their appointments along with getting reminders for upcoming dialysis visits. You can also manage your appointments through Acumen. 

Acumen also offers an excellent billing system which helps to minimize any errors. Apart from this, Acumen helps you communicate with other labs, pharmacies, and your patients. 

NephroChoice EHR Software

NephroChoice EHR Software adheres to your needs efficiently. It provides information regarding patients’ conditions depending upon their dialysis threshold, which helps you make timely decisions based on the treatment. NephroChoice improves workflow by helping you track patients’ dialysis rounds and providing timely reminders before the upcoming cycle.

NephroChoice offers a fully integrated practice management system and telemedicine solution. NephroChoice also provides a fully integrated lab facility that allows you to view trends for a patient over time in easy-to-use graphs.

Overall, NephroChoice is one of the best EHR Software specifically for nephrologists.

PrognoCis EHR Software

PrognoCIS is a cloud-based EHR Software that provides a wide range of convenience to nephrologists. It streamlines communication with other labs and pharmacies for test results. It also provides an interactive and efficient workflow designed to meet your individual needs.

It also provides customizable templates and significant features like a patient portal where patients can schedule their appointments for dialysis or general consultation. 

Which Nephrology EHR Software to pick!

Picking the best Nephrology EHR is a very crucial task that we can simplify for you. Initially, it would help if you decide which features you want for your practice. Then you can also ask the vendor to provide you with a nephrology EHR demo. Lastly, you can read reviews for the nephrology EHR you are planning to buy. This way, it will be easier for you to make a decision.

Final Thoughts

We have listed down the best Nephrology EHR Software in 2021 for you. You can decide based upon your type of practice and the tools and features provided by the software.

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