7 Overall Body Beauty Benefits of Staying Home

February 18, 2019

There’s always something positive that can come out of a very scary and difficult situation. This can be the perfect time to work on our skin , hair and body goals that we would normally say we don’t have time for. It is never too late to try and as the lockdown continues; if you are part of those who will still be home that will give you ample time to make a difference. Beauty salons, hair salons and gyms are closed as well as make-up sales. As part of trying new things here is how to amp up your beauty game during this time

1. Do not wear make-up
It is actually a good thing if you ran out of make up right and if you still have maybe now it’s the right time to put it away. If you are indoors then why use it? I say it’s a good thing because I know some ladies are so used to make-up that they feel naked without it and this time has kind of forced them to do without it. Take this as and opportunity to give your skin a breather. Most use make-up to cover up bad skin and little do they know they are making it worse by not giving the skin a chance because it is always clogged up. One of the lockdown rules is to avoid touching our faces and this is the best rule for our faces because there will no transferring of any bacteria and hair oils that may cause acne & other related issues. Go without make- up and follow your skin routine accordingly day and night. Related article

2. Treat the entire face
Have your facials at home and if your want more longer lashes, treat them with the right oils for growth every night before bed. Take care of the dental department for a brighter smile and fresh breath. Do not forget those lips, they also need some basic care to stay healthy and hydrated. Use lip balms with SPF and try some home remedies if your want them looking naturally pink and soft. Related article

3. Hair care
Encourage healthy hair by simply keeping it clean and well moisturised not greased. If you want to grow it then look out for trends that will help you achieve that and try them out. You can also learn and come up with ways of styling it. Take basic care to complete the face beauty goal, some related articles 

4. Eat Healthy Meals
Right now we are all forced not to eat any take-aways so we can easily prepare the well balanced healthy meals. Avoid fried foods and fizzy drinks that will mess up both your health and skin. Rejuvenate your mind, body and skin by taking lots of water, less coffee, more herbal teas and detoxing drinks. Some of the detoxing drinks will help with belly fat and reduce the feeling of being bloated.

5. Body workout
A good eating plan followed by workout is a powerful combination that will afford you good health and great trimmed body, flat stomach & well shaped legs. A workout need not be hard and unbearable, if your have kids be active and play a lot of physical games with them, some days can be hot so get in the pool because swimming is a nice workout and/or take a walk around the yard. Include yoga in your exercise routine to help you steer away from all the anxiety of lockdown and reduce stress. Stress can be the cause behind unhealthy eating, skin problems and other health matters.

6. Hands and feet care
Soak up your hands and feet and give them a treat, maybe you can even treat each other as a family. Your feet carry you while you get busy with your day schedule while your hands might also be doing some hard labour and suffering chemicals you might be using while keeping the household clean so they deserve some tender care as well. Scrub those feet and apply some therapeutic oils and gently massage the hands with some aromatic lotions. It is a special home treat that will help you relax as well. You can wear your face masks or hair masks while busy doing all the nurturing.

7. Have a sleep routine
Do not deprive yourself adequate sleep due to binge watching movies all night and remember ladies that lack of sleep might give you vaginal yeast infection. A sleep routine will allow your body good enough rest to rejuvenate and it will also add to getting the best results for your skin. While others do not sleep due to TV or social media, some are now complaining that they sleep a lot, well it might be because you have nothing planned for yourself and too much sleep mean no workout at all putting too much pressure on the body. Stay away from excessive sleep and add other fun things on the list. Follow the above daily to keep busy, to feel beautiful, to look naturally beautiful and have fun doing it.

The beauty about all this is that the result will be far more beautiful not in a physical way but with doing wonders on the state of mind. This journey will boost your self esteem, give you peace of mind therefore bringing you joy. A joyful woman who feels beautiful inside out has an automatic glow on her face with a dash of a beautiful attractive smile.


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