Find the Top 10 skin care products list, do you like it?

April 1, 2021

In comparison, skin care products in Europe and the United States are more whitening, anti-wrinkle, and repairing, so babies who need these aspects come in and have a look!

The Body Shop Tea Tree Essential Oil

This tea tree essential oil has been used for many years. It is really an acne-removing artifact. The effect is great. You can start to apply it when you see a little redness and swelling. Please apply a little before going to bed. Remember to dip a cotton swab and apply it on your face. It’s cold and comfortable. The next day I wake up and find that the acne is not so swollen. If you insist on applying it, the acne will dissipate slowly. There is no need to squeeze the acne anymore. A small bottle is super convenient to carry, don’t It looks small, but very durable, easy to use and easy to use.

Steam Cream

The shell of this cream is also very good-looking. I love it. It’s super high value, and it’s no problem to send to sisters. It has a good moisturizing and nourishing effect. The texture is not to say, it’s very delicate and easy to push away. It is non-sticky, suitable for hand cream and body lotion. The smell is a combination of plant and floral fragrance. At first I thought it would be a pure floral fragrance. I opened it and smelled the scent that turned out to be healing. It is very relaxing and helpful after taking a shower. For sleep. Buy steam cream and don’t miss Amazon promo code 10 Off anything UK  and Executive Shaving Discount Code

BOOTS British Cucumber Moisturizing Milk

It is said to be an anti-oxidant deep-water bubble bomb. This cucumber moisturizing lotion was recommended to me by my girlfriend. At first I didn’t plan to buy it, but I used it once when I went out to play that day, and then I used this lotion to beat it. The base is very moisturizing and non-greasy, and then apply isolation and foundation, the makeup is really super natural, especially compliant, and this one has a slight cucumber smell. Mainly it is not expensive, and it can also be used as a daily lotion, satisfactory!

L’Occitane Eye Serum

As a loyal fan of L’Occitane, I definitely want to use this eye essence. I also work in the design industry. I often stay up late and work overtime. The dark circles are really too heavy and the fine lines around my eyes are also present. So I started this cream, this eye cream. The outside is the essential oil and the inside is the essence. When applied to the eyes, it is absorbed together. It absorbs quickly, tightens the eye skin, and has a light fragrance. It is not sticky, not heavy, and great, not only The appearance is more powerful.

Lancome Black Bottle

This small black bottle is mainly used to maintain stability and maintain skin health. Currently, there is no one of my favorite skin care products. Let me share with you my experience: easy to apply, light and thin, like egg white, it absorbs quickly, and it’s on the face. It is refreshing and not greasy. If you insist on using it, your skin will become smooth, and it has a certain secondary cleansing effect, which can help the subsequent skin care products better absorb, suitable for oily skin and mixed oily skin. Buy skin care product and use Amazon Promo Code NHS at NHS Discount Code

Guerlain Emperor Bee Posture Repairing and Restoring Honey

This should be a lady-level essence, and the special feature of this essence is the addition of honey and royal jelly to make your skin light and hydrated, delicate and honey-like. It’s really expensive. This rejuvenating honey is very moisturizing and has a good moisturizing effect. It is very suitable for autumn and winter. It can also be used for sensitive skin. The smell is super good. It smells like perfume. Really, if economic conditions permit. , You can buy a bottle and try.

Biotherm Men’s Facial Cleanser

My boyfriend’s face was very oily in the summer, and then I chose a lot of choices, and finally bought him Biotherm’s facial cleanser. My boyfriend said it’s very easy to use. It will have a light fragrance when washing it, and it’s easy. Foaming, rich and delicate foam, and after washing, I think his face is cleaner than before. He said he won’t feel tight and comfortable, hahaha, he likes it, I will repurchase it of.

Ou Tili Moisturizing Spray

I think Ou Tili’s grape seed spray is the most effective moisturizing water for my skin. It is a must-have for dry skin all year round. I often buy a bottle of it in the office to replenish water. It not only moisturizes, but also relieves redness and swelling. I like it very much. The taste is very light and very light grape flavor, I think it smells quite good, and its nozzle design, the spray spray is even and full, and the spray is cold, super comfortable, easy to use, easy to use , Super easy to use! ! !

Yiquan soft lip balm

Now lip balm is a must-have item for girls in winter. I recommend that those who have not used this lipstick must try it. This lipstick is really the kind of invincible and easy to use. The cream is light yellow and has no fragrance. The mouth is not oily and moisturized. It can last for several hours without eating. Apply a thick layer before going to bed to wipe off a lot of dry skin in the morning. Even Ruby woo is not afraid! the best choice. Wannian repurchase.

Borghese Mud Green Clay Mask

It is an indispensable good thing for acne muscle oily skin. This green clay mask is the first time I use it. I think it is more moisturizing than Coyan’s. After using it, it is obvious that the blackheads are sucked out and the pores are also a lot smaller. The steps must not be forgotten, and you must remember to apply the mask again, otherwise it will be useless, the taste is faint mung bean flavor, you can use it once or twice a week, I think it can be repurchased for a long time! ! !

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